Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 5.40.55 PMFor the last couple years I’ve been talking about the importance of developing online content that has real value for the target audience. In this day of the connected consumer, they decide what they watch, when they watch it, and on what kind of device. The consumer is in the driving seat. If we want to engage and inform them, we must develop content that interests them. The same old static web content won’t do the job. To that end, I’ve been pushing for hospitals to start using more video content on their digital platforms!

I rarely feature my firm’s services through my blog, other than perhaps by giving the occasional look at the finished product. My goal with this blog is usually to simply share developments within healthcare marketing. But today I am openly sharing information about a service that my firm offers that I feel is of value to healthcare organizations. Today, my company announced the launch of Physicians In Focus, a new business unit that specializes in the production of high quality physician videos. Please check out the introductory video that we’ve produced. It has footage of physicians and hospital administrators talking about the power of physician video:

Below is some of the language from the press release announcing this new endeavor:

Physicians in Focus will be dedicated to the development of engaging physician marketing programs and online video content that meet the expectations of today’s connected consumer. In addition to prospective patients and family members, campaigns will also target referring physicians who are gradually integrating digital communication into their daily routines.

“The simple truth is that patient care is delivered by physicians and health care providers, not by hospitals, buildings or health systems. Through the use of well-crafted physician videos, patients and family members can learn more about the person who will care for them. Patients will be able to assess the likelihood they will relate well to the physician, be comfortable sharing their life stories and working together to improve their health,” said Dan Dunlop, Jennings Principal.

Selecting a physician is one of the most important decisions an individual makes. For those facing serious illness, this is the individual who will guide them through their treatment and the ensuing journey to good health. Physicians in Focus will give hospitals and health systems a more meaningful way to introduce consumers to their physicians through online video segments. In general, video content is far more effective at capturing the attention of prospective patients and in conveying the personality and demeanor of a given physician.

Jennings developed Physicians in Focus to address a number of challenges currently facing hospital marketing and physician relations departments. The service will help hospitals and health systems to:

  • Attract new patients through the development of engaging online physician videos. These videos are typically leveraged across a number of digital platforms including hospital websites, YouTube, Google+ and Facebook.
  • Assist prospective patients and their families to select physicians with whom they relate by viewing introductory videos of the physicians.
  • Engage community physicians and introduce them to the hospital’s leading specialists by way of online video.
  • Inform community physicians of new procedures, treatments and research that can be accessed through the hospital or medical center.
  • Attract new physicians to their medical staff by portraying the hospital as a physician-friendly organization as evidenced by the way it actively markets its physicians.
  • Aid in physician retention efforts by demonstrating the organization’s willingness to promote this valuable asset.
  • Enrich the hospital’s digital footprint and improve search engine rankings through the addition of meaningful video content.

Here’s the call-to-action: For more information about Jennings’ Physicians in Focus, please contact Dan Dunlop at 919-929-0225 or email him at To learn more about Physicians in Focus, go to

6 comments on “Putting Your Physicians In Focus

  1. Dan, this is an important step toward not just improving the marketing of a physician practice but leveraging the epatient movement to capture patients as self-directed learners and to improve their knowledge uptake.

    I see this as moving patient learning from WebMD to MyMD. The patients HCP is the single most important and respected unit of learning. And each visit and each opportunity the physician and patient has to interact is a learning moment for both. Well done I hope strategically you can measure not just of new patients but change in health outcomes.

    Good luck

  2. Tim Brennan

    Great post Dan! The video came out awesome. Love the use of multiple camera angles. Well done!

  3. Reblogged this on geco1970 and commented:
    Quite a nice run down on the introduction of a social media strategy.

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