Our Articles

Articles, Columns and Chapters Written by Dan

  • “The Role of Innovation and Technology in Healthcare Transformation,” eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, June 2017
  • “Realizing Vision Through Research: How Lawrence General Hospital Used Research to Elevate Its Brand,” co-authored with Jill McDonald Halsey and Jeff Steblea, Strategic Healthcare Marketing, July 2016
  • “The Expanded Role of the Healthcare Marketer,” Healthcare Marketing Report, June 2016
  • “Community Building Versus Narcissism in Healthcare Marketing,” eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, November 2015
  • “Digital Physician Relations Pilot Changes Model,” eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, May 2015
  • “A Vision of Healthcare Marketing as Community Building,” Healthcare Marketing Report, May 2015
  • “The Digital Future of Physician Relations,” Healthcare Strategy Alert, Issue 1 – 2015
  • “The Connected Patient: Information as Currency in Online Communities,” eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, August 2014
  • “Digital Physician Relations: A New Model for Marketing to Referring Physicians,” EndoEconomics, August 2014
  • “Nine Opportunities to Enrich Most Healthcare Marketing Programs,” Healthcare Marketing Report, March 2014
  • “The Best Way to Be an Effective Storyteller in This Digital Age,” Strategic Healthcare Marketing, February 2014
  • “The Digital Future of Physician Relations,” co-authored with Lyle Green, eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, August 2013
  • “A New Model for Physician Marketing,” Advisor Insight Column, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, March 2013
  • “Consumer Engagement Via Online Physician Videos – Going Way Beyond Mundane,” eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, February 2013
  • “The End of Social Media Marketing As We Know It,” Healthcare Marketing Report, December 2012
  • “Doing the Dance: A Lesson in Audience Engagement,” co-authored with Mark Shelley, Cover Story,  Spectrum (SHSMD), November 2012.
  • “What steps can marketers take to sell the C-suite on social media marketing campaigns?”  Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, March 2012
  • “Can Healthcare Organizations Find Wisdom in the Crowd?” eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, March 2012
  • “The Professional Development Imperative,” Healthcare Marketing Report, December 2011
  • Book Chapter, “The Evolution & Future State of Branded Service Line Marketing,” The Thought Leaders Project: Hospital Marketing, October 2011
  • “Pink Glove Dance Stimulates Employee Engagement,” The Wall Street Journal Online, October 7, 2011
  • “Budgeting for Social Media,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, October 2011
  • “The Impact of Accountable Care Organizations on Healthcare Marketing,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, July 2011.
  • “The Keys to Building An Effective Social Media Strategy,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, April 2011.
  • “Marketing to the Social Physician,” Healthcare Strategy Alert, 2011 Issue #1, March 2011
  • “A Multifaceted Approach to Education, Observation, and Feedback in a Successful Hand Hygiene Campaign,” Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety,  January 2011, Volume 37, Issue 1, Shira I. Doron, M.D., M.S.; Kayoko Kifuji, M.D., Ph.D.; Brooke Tyson Hynes; Dan Dunlop, M.A.; Tricia Lemon, B.S.N., M.P.H.; Karen Hansjosten, B.S.N., C.I.C.; Teresa Cheung; Barbara Curley, M.S., R.N.; David R. Snydman, M.D., F.A.C.P.; David G. Fairchild, M.D., M.P.H.
  • “Marketing to Referring Physicians: A Largely Untapped Opportunity,” Healthcare Marketing Report, November 2010
  • “Hive Marketing in Higher Education,” Higher Education Marketing Report, November 2010
  • “The Pros and Cons of Creating Documentary-Style Videos to Promote Healthcare Organizations,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, October 2010
  • “Tips and Trick for Marketing Women’s Services,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, September 2010
  • “Mommy Blogs: A New Addition to the Healthcare Marketer’s Tool Kit,” co-authored with Joe Florence, Healthcare Strategy Alert, September 2010
  • “How Can Marketers Ensure that the Call to Action in their Ad Gets Results,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, April 2010
  • “Hive Marketing & Social Media,” co-authored with Mark Shelley of Lexington Medical Center, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, January 2010
  • “Advice for Physicians Considering Social Media,” Health Journal – a publication of Gulf Medical College, UAE, January 2010.
  • “The Big Warm Up’s Viral Marketing Push,” DUKKY Blog guest post, November 12, 2009
  • “The Surprise Ingredient: Healthy Food Programs in Hospitals,” co-authored with Mark Shelley of Lexington Medical Center, Alternative Health Journal, November 2009
  • “Knowing When It’s Time for a Rebranding Campaign,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, September 2009
  • “Healthcare’s Green Initiative: The Healthy Hospital Movement,” Alternative Health Journal, August 2009
  • “Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan,” co-authored with Mark Shelley of Lexington Medical Center, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, August 2009
  • “Measure and Market Your Stewardship and Donor Relations Activities,” Association of Donor Relations Professionals Newsletter, July 2009
  • “Determining the appropriate elements for a new integrated campaign,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, July 2009
  • “A Vision for Strategic Marketing in Healthcare,” co-authored with Anissa Davenport of University Health Systems, Healthcare Marketing Report, May 2009
  • “Marketing your Marketing and PR Effort: Don’t Keep You Success a Secret,” Marketing Health Services, Spring 2009
  • “Keeping the brand promise after a campaign launch,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Marketing Advisor, March 2009
  • “Best Practices in Hand Hygiene Compliance,” NESHCo News, January 2009
  • “Considerations when preparing a community benefits report,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Advertising Review, November/December 2008.
  • “Living the Brand,” Contributing Feature, Healthcare Advertising Review, September/October 2008
  • “Using Outdoor advertising in Healthcare,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Advertising Review, September/October 2008
  • “Using the web and new technologies in healthcare marketing,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Advertising Review, July/August 2008
  • “Echo-Branding and Today’s Consumers,” Contributing Feature, Healthcare Advertising Review, March/April 2008
  • “Keys to Successful Service Line Marketing,” Ask the Advisors Column, Healthcare Advertising Review, March/April 2008
  • “Making Connections,” Marketing Health Services (AMA publication), Fall 2007
  • “Building Brand Momentum with Service Line Marketing,” Healthcare Marketing Report, October 2006
  • Co-authored chapter on healthcare marketing for Essentials of Physician Practice Management, published by Jossey-Bass 2004

Pieces Written about Jennings’ Work

(Articles where Dan is quoted or work produced by Dan and his team at Jennings is featured.)

  • “It’s “today” for Lawrence General Hospital,” Healthcare Marketing Report, May 2017
  • “Total Advertising Campaign: Today Brand Elevation,” Feature Article, Marketing Healthcare Today, Volume 14, Issue 5, 2016
  • “5 Health Networks with Great Video Content,” Medical Marketing Insights Blog, July 19, 2016
  • “Today Brand Elevation Campaign,” Campaign Profile, Marketing Healthcare Today, Volume 14, Issue 3, 2016
  • “The Proof Is in the Pudding: Educational Campaign Mixes Up a Winning Recipe,” by Lisa D. Ellis, Strategic Health Care Marketing, September 2015
  • “Just What Moms Ordered Campaign,” Marketing Healthcare Today, Volume 13, Issue 3, 2015
  • “How Hospitals Are Leveraging Social Media,” by Lisa Zamoski, iHealthBeat, May 12, 2015
  • “Minimalist ED Campaign Improves Hospital’s Reputation,” by Marrianne Aiello, HealthLeaders Media, January 2015
  • “The Hospitalist and the Healthcare Marketer,” Healthcare Marketing Report, October 2014
  • “Engaging HCPs: Inhospitable,” Larry Dobrow, Medical Marketing & Media, October 31, 2014
  • “Best of Show: Pediatric Hospitalist Campaign,” Marketing Healthcare Today, Volume 12, Issue 3, June 2014
  • “Powerful Cancer Ad Omits Some Key Details,”Marianne Aiello, HealthLeaders Media , May 28, 2014
  • “Counteracting Conspiracy Theories,” Lauren Drell (staff writer for the American Marketing Association), Marketing Health Services, March 2014
  • “Can University of Illinois Hospital Save Its Brand?” HealthLeaders Media, March 19, 2014
  • “Pediatric Hospitalist Marketing Campaign,” Campaign Spotlight, HealthLeadersMedia, February 2014
  • “Signature Healthcare: Physician Marketing Campaign,” Marketing Healthcare Today, Volume 11, Issue 6, December 2013.
  • “Health Care Organizations Turn to Pinterest To Connect With Community, Boost Brand,” iHealthBeat, July 22, 2013
  • “Mommy Blogs Best,” Healthcare Marketing Advisor, April 2013
  • “What’s in a Name? Rebranding Ties Health System Together,” Strategic Health Care Marketing, March 2013
  • “Merrimack Valley Moms Pediatrics Campaign,” Marketing Healthcare Today magazine, February 2013, Volume 11, Issue 1
  • “Physician Videos Drive Multipronged Campaign,” Healthcare Marketing Advisor, November 2012
  • “Frustrated doctor bloggers can consult a specialist: a ghostwriter – A practical look at information technology issues and usage,” American Medical News, by Pamela Lewis Dolan, November 2012
  • “SOI 2012 – Rising Markets: Rx for Increased Sales,” Counselor: The Voice of the Industry,  July 2012
  • “Hospitals Mostly Use LinkedIn for Recruitment,” Strategic Health Care Marketing, February 2012
  • “Hospitals Plug Into Mom Bloggers,” eHealthcare Strategy & Trends, Volume 13, Number 7, July 2011
  • Heart Attack Grill: Where Indulgence Meets Gluttony,”  Las Vegas Review-Journal, March 16, 2o11,”  Las Vegas Review-Journal, July 27, 2011
  • “University Health System’s Transplant Campaign,” Marketing Healthcare Today, Volume 9, Issue 3, June 2011
  • Cover Story: “New Campaign Illustrates Health System’s Positive Outlook,” Healthcare Marketing Advisor, March 2011
  • Cover Story: “When You’re Committed to Kids, It Just Shows,” Marketing Healthcare Today Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 2, March 2011
  • Featured in “Numbers Campaign Adds Up Results,” Healthcare Marketing Advisor, January 2011
  • Featured in “Mom-to-Mom Blogs: Hospitals Invite Women to Share Experiences,” by Whitney L.J. Howell, Hospitals & Health Networks (H&HN), October 2010
  • Featured in “Mommy Blog Helps Promote Strategic Initiatives,” Healthcare Marketing Advisor, June 2010
  • Featured in “Mommy Blog Promotes Strategic Initiatives,” HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly, June 30, 2010
  • Featured in “Three Southern Idioms Healthcare Marketers Should Live By,” HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly, April 21, 2010
  • Featured in “Customer Based Marketing Strategies 2010,” MarketShare by HealthLeaders Media, April 16, 2010
  • Featured in “How Hive Marketing Can Save Social Media for Healthcare,” HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly, Marianne Aiello, February 24, 2010
  • Featured in “Is There a Healthcare Reform Ad That will Resonate with the Public?” Healthcare Marketing Advisor, October 2009
  • Featured in “Is There a Healthcare Reform Ad That will Resonate with the Public?” HealthLeaders Media Online, August 6, 2009
  • Featured in “Hand Hygiene Strategies,” Infection Control Today, June 2009
  • Featured in “Your Health: More dirt on disease and washing your hands,” USA Today, May 18, 2009
  • Featured in “Innovation will be key to surviving bad economy,” Health Governance Report, May 2009
  • Featured in “Campaigns That Aren’t Washed Up,” Healthcare Marketing Advisor, January 2009
  • Featured in “Hanging in the Balance,” HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly, December 3, 2008
  • Featured in “Off-limits advertising: The dispute about whether hospitals should market patient satisfaction scores,” Healthcare Marketing Advisor, November 2008
  • Featured in “Creating a real community via the virtual world,” Healthcare Marketing Advisor, September 2008
  • Featured in “Image Campaign – UHS Colors Campaign,” Marketing Healthcare Today, Fall 2008
  • Featured in “Building a brand: Color, care and family define a brand image,” Healthcare Advertising Review, January/February 2008
  • Featured in “Family of care: Branded with color,” HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly, January 16, 2008
  • Featured in “Puzzle Me This, Adman,” HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly, September 19, 2007
  • Featured in “A puzzling campaign: Illustrations lead the way to a suburban campus,” Healthcare Advertising Review, November/December 2007
  • Featured in “Multi-integrated ‘Connections’ campaign illustrates the importance of continuity,” Healthcare Advertising Review, September/October 2007
  • Featured in “CD-ROM an Effective Tool for Staff Recruitment at UNC Health Care,” Healthcare Marketing Report, November 2006
  • Featured in “Campaign Spotlight: UNC Cancer Campaign,” Marketing Healthcare Today, September/October 2005
  • Featured in “Cancer still a Most Important Service Line to Market,” Healthcare Marketing Report, October 2005
  • Featured in “Getting to the Heart of the Matter,” Healthcare Marketing Report, September 2004
  • Featured in “Wooing Female Consumers Reaps Rewards for Health Plans,” Managed Healthcare Executive, March 2001

2 comments on “Our Articles

  1. Hello. I came across your work because I’m actually completing a book on honey and cheese pairing, with part of it discussing how both products can benefit from and how advocates for each gourmet treat can extend the reach of their passions via social media. If I read your work correctly, you use the concept of “hive marketing” mostly as a metaphore.

    I’d love to get a copy of your latest article and, if you don’t mind, I’d like to be able make reference to it through a couple of quotes that link your concept with what bees do.

    Also, I’d love to chat if you have other quotes about the connection.

    I’d be happy to share more thoughts with you about the project. Unfortunately, the project is moving forward without benefit of funding so may either be published by a small publisher (if I’m lucky), or I may self-publish and sell online and at my small retail store. All getting to the point that I don’t have resources to buy rights … the book makes major use of public domain info and images.

    If you don’t mind my referencing your works, I’d appreciate it. I’ll even send you a copy of the book once it is complete.



  2. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for posting your GE videos and sharing your wisdom.

    I’m a fellow writer/video producer of the Telly award-winning video, “Things You Should Know Before Entering The Hospital,” featuring Emmy award-winning actor, Ben Hollis. (www.patientsafetyvideo.com).

    I’m now handling publicity for a healthcare nonprofit
    that’s addressing malnutrition in our country’s hospitals and nursing homes. nutrititionDay In the U.S. is part of a global benchmarking effort to minimize malnutrition, and they’ve compiled documented numbers that are staggering.

    Would you be interested in speaking to President and U.S. Coordinator, Gail Gewirtz? nutritionDay (yes, that’s intentionally lower-cased!) is coming up on November 4th, 2010! It’s the second time this event is happening in the U.S., and the first time for a global coordination to truly measure what patients are receiving in our hospitals and nursing homes.

    So far, about 33.5 MILLION people
    are being malnourished in U.S. healthcare facilities.
    And the sad (and strange) thing is — legally, patients in the U.S. are allowed to go without nutrition for up to SEVEN days! In Europe, patients are only permitted to be without nutrition for 24 hours. (That could be a “funny but true” video scene.)

    Check out http://www.nutritionDayUS.org.

    I’d look forward to hearing from you!

    Lynn Sanders
    Park Avenue Productions

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