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Hospital Branding With Color

I’ve spent the last several days at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. I was impressed by a number of different things about the organization, but as a marketer I was most impressed their use of the color purple as a branding device. Purple is  powerful, and they have embraced it as their corporate color and the hallmark of their graphic identity. The staff uniforms are purple, signs are purple, and marketing materials are purple. You can’t underestimate the value of this consistent visual representation of the brand.

I took a few photos with my iPhone to give you a feel for their visual branding effort. Please know that any variations in the shade of purple are due to my photography, not their use of the color. Enjoy.









3 comments on “Hospital Branding With Color

  1. This is my first time seeing a hospital using purple as the primary color for their brand…It is definitely something different. It works well, the white text against the purple background next to the red block in signage. One thing that I noticed though, they are using different font for their signage. What is your take on that Dan?

    • dandunlop

      Hi Jackie, thanks for the comment. Frankly, I was so taken by the strong brand identity using the purple that I didn’t obsess on the fonts. I applaud them for establishing a solid visual identity. I’ll have to go back and look at the font situation!

      • Not a problem Dan.
        Yup they did a good job using the purple color. About the font, the serif font are great for the large application, but when it come to smaller use such as the wayfinding signage (Main hospital, 1st Level) I think it might be too difficult to read. May be that is why the san-serif font was used…

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