The folks at MDWebPro (Digital Solutions, Inc.) contacted me a couple of weeks ago via Twitter, asking if I would consider taking a look at their patient review tracking tool. They have introduced a free “patient monitoring tool” for physicians. (In this age of the Internet, “patient monitoring” has taken on a whole new meaning.) The purpose of the technology is to allow physicians to quickly gather a compilation of online ratings and reviews generated by patients. This falls under the category of online reputation monitoring and management. The review tool currently tracks 22 different review sites, and they are regularly adding new sites to the tool. MDWebPro will compile a summary of all the reviews about a physician’s practice in one report for easy review. And they will track the reviews weekly and send the physician a free report about any changes.

Here is a screen shot of the free tool. All the physician has to do is enter his or her name, state, and email address, and the tool goes to work. The service will send the doc an email once the search is complete.

Here’s a screen shot of the actual report provided to the physician with the data gathered from the various review/ratings sites. I had to enter in an actual physician’s name to test the tool, so I used Howard Luks, MD,  just to get a feel for how the service works.

Online reputation management is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Whether physicians use this tool or some of the other monitoring tools out there, it’s important to track what’s being said about you and your practice. I’m amazed by the number of professionals I meet (not just doctors) who don’t even have Google Alerts set up.

lf you’re interested in checking out the tool, go to

2 comments on “Online Review Tracking Tool for Physicians

  1. Thanks Dan! We are planning a v2.0 of the tool this fall so all feedback from users is greatly appreciated. We truly want to make the tool as beneficial as possible.

  2. Way to lead the change in industry! I’d love your feedback on Yelp though.

    Reputation monitoring is great, but some internet companies can be seriously detrimental to physicians’ reputations. Have you found ways to deal with them?

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