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Instagram? No, It’s My Healthcare Bananagram

When we’re on vacation, my wife and daughter love to play games: board games, card games, etc. And it’s not enough for the two of them to play, they require my participation. I have to admit that I’ve never been much of a game player, but I relent because I am weak. This week we have been on vacation at our mountain retreat in Virginia and the activities have involved everything from picking peaches to hiking waterfall trails  to picking black berries to baking cobbler! Of course there has been the requisite amount of game playing. Yesterday they introduced me to Bananagrams – a version of Scrabble – where you make your own crossword puzzles. It was actually a lot of fun. Meg (14-years-old) and I played a special version where we made a crossword puzzle out of the names of my healthcare clients and other related terms (quality, patient, care, etc.). It turned out well. The one drawback is that the game only has so many letters, and we simply ran out of the letters S, C, L and H in particular. This meant we had to limit the number of clients and terms we put in our healthcare Bananagram. Below you can see some of the regular Bananagrams we made in competition with one another, as well as the healthcare Bananagram that Meg and I created. We are very proud of our creation!

2 comments on “Instagram? No, It’s My Healthcare Bananagram

  1. Creative blogpost, Dan. I love bananagrams. Nice to see you’re having a great vacation. Glad to see Hive among your words! Nice touch. See you in October.

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