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Combustion Chronicle Podcast Interviews Healthcare Innovator Sean Slovenski

Great advice for all of you digital health innovators:

“Let’s actually look at the customer and what the real need is, not what your need is as the company trying to sell them something or provide them something, but what’s the real need of the customer? Let’s get to the root of that, number one.” (Sean Slovenski, Combustion Chronicle Podcast)

This week, Healthcare innovator and leader, Sean Slovenksi, is featured on the Combustion Chronicle Podcast. For someone with his level of success, he comes across in the podcast as being quite humble and approachable with a common-sense approach to healthcare. I found it refreshing to listen to his perspective. For those of you who don’t know him, Sean recently stepped down as SVP and President of Walmart Health & Wellness, where he was responsible for leading the efforts towards creating the newly launched multidisciplinary Walmart Health. In his 30 year career, he has built a reputation as one of the leading innovators in healthcare having helped found and Hummingbird Coaching Services.

Sean served as the CEO of Care Innovations, an Intel-GE joint venture in the Tele-Health and Remote patient Monitoring space. Getting back to his wellness roots, Sean then took on reinventing the industry-leading population health company as the President of Population Health at Healthways, which Sean sold to ShareCare In 2016.

As part of what I call his common-sense approach, he points out that so many of the “new” trends really involve us going back to practices from the past: doctors making house calls and the pharmacy becoming a medical hub are two great examples. These are very old practices that are coming back into vogue. As Sean states in his interview, “If you can focus on the past a little bit and glean from that, and if you can understand what the customer actually needs, not what you think you have to sell them, between those two things, you’re probably gonna find out how to solve the problem and note reinvent the wheel. And number two, you might just actually come up with something new…”

In the past, healthcare organizations have made their communications and processes so complex for patients. Like most of us, Sean sees the need for hospitals and insurance companies to be more customer-centric in their communications. “I think the entire healthcare industry, from hospitals, insurance companies, etc, are so inwardly focused and they suck so horribly at communicating with the customer in a quiet, simple, non-threatening, easy to understand way that the demands from the customers are gonna start driving that more and more.”

I definitely recommend listening to this podcast! I found it to be a breath of fresh air.


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