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NESHCo Webinar: Planning Your Pivot to Post-Pandemic Marketing Communications

On April 30, 2020, 10:30 AM EDT, the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) will host a webinar designed to help healthcare marketers, strategists, and communicators plan their pivot from COVID-19 communications to marketing designed to drive patient volume to their financially strapped organizations. I will be moderating the panel and have helped to select an amazing group of panelists. These are some of the top thought leaders within our industry. To register for the webinar, go to Below are brief bios to introduce our amazing panelists:

Ahava Leibtag, President Aha Media Group – Ahava is one of the leading experts in content creation and content strategy within our industry. She leads a team of more than 35 in creating both content and content strategies for medical centers and health systems. At Aha Media Group, they work for organizations that need content that drives results in traffic and engagement. Plain language, SEO, empathy and amazing project management are the tools they use every day to drive customer satisfaction.

Jared Johnson, Healthcare Marketing Strategist – Podcaster. Creator. Visionary. Jared is an adjunct member of Jennings content marketing team. He is best known for building innovative healthcare brands through digital strategy and engaging content that turns heads. He has 17 years’ experience as a senior digital strategist for some of the top healthcare and medtech organizations in the country, including St. Jude Medical, W. L. Gore, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. He is a rapping keynote speaker, prolific content creator, host of the Healthcare Rap Podcast, and author of Connect the Docs: Put Digital Health Into Practice.

Alan Shoebridge, Healthcare Marketer and blogger – Alan is the Director of Marketing at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. Prior to joining Salinas Valley, he was Senior Director of National Marketing Strategy for Kaiser Permanente. Prior to that, he senior director of marketing operations for Providence Health & Services, an integrated health system that includes 34 hospitals, and 475 physician clinics. Alan serves as a board member for the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD).

Dan Dunlop, Principal Jennings – I’m a principal of Jennings, a national healthcare marketing and consumer engagement firm. I’m on the boards of NESHCo and CHPRMS, and serve on SHSMD’s Digital Engagement Task Force. I also serve on the editorial advisory group of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends. Some of my favorite things include sharing information with my peers in the field of healthcare marketing, blogging/writing, Batman, pizza, craft beer, my cats, and traveling. Check out my latest video on post-pandemic planning:

Session Overview:

Although COVID-19 may be with us for some time to come, the pandemic will come to an end and hospitals must be prepared to hit the ground running with marketing that drives patient volume to profitable services. Our hospitals are facing a financial crisis that could threaten their very survival. With that in mind, we can’t delay strategic planning and the development of marketing content until the pandemic is over. Our response has to be swift and well planned.

As the pandemic winds down, your clear strategic plan for moving forward must be in place, with marketing channels defined and content ready to launch. The transition from COVID-19 communications to revenue-generating marketing could be abrupt for internal and external audiences. Your plan must help these constituents through the transition.

Join some of healthcare marketing’s top strategic thinkers as they discuss the transition to life after COVID-19. To register for the webinar, go to


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