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A Great Time To Have Nurses In Leadership Positions

I was excited to see that HealthLeaders magazine focused on the nurse executive in its most recent issue (March/April 2020). I can’t think of a better time to celebrate nurse executives within our hospitals and health systems. It also occurs to me that during a pandemic is the ideal time to have a clinician at the helm of a healthcare organization.

My firm is fortunate to work with several hospitals that have physicians or nurses running the organization. Two that we have been working with most closely of late are Mary Prybylo of St. Joseph Healthcare in Bangor, Maine and Flo Spyrow, the President and CEO of Northern Arizona Healthcare. Flo Spyrow is featured on the cover of HealthLeaders and is profiled extensively in the cover story. It is a terrific article and I recommend that you check it out – https://www.healthleadersmedia.com/nursing/nurses-rise-new-levels-c-suite.

You may ask, what’s special about nurse executives? According to Spyrow, “Nurses have some very unique skill sets and perspectives that they need to wear as a badge of honor in the C-suite.” (Source: HealthLeaders magazine, March/April 2020, p.13) Within the article, Spyrow talks about the importance of team and relationship building:

“Nurses are trained to be team players. I think that is what healthcare needs now—strong teams and people who are willing to reach across the aisle and work together and with multiple stakeholders in order to transform the way we deliver care.” (Source: HealthLeaders magazine, March/April 2020, p.16)

In healthcare, we are facing unprecedented challenges. Nurses at all levels are doing heroic work. The C-suite is not for everyone, but in my experience, when a professional with a nursing background assumes a formal leadership position, she brings an extremely valuable perspective to the organization.

The nurse leaders I’ve worked with over the years have been engaging and inspiring role models. That extends far beyond inspiring other nurses. For me, their experience at the bedside has given them the background to share a more patient-centered and employee-focused brand of leadership. Executives like Mary Prybylo and Flo Spyrow have a vision for the future and, because of their experience, the ability to motivate the people around them – inspiring them to strive for that vision and transform the way care is delivered. I consider myself fortunate to have learned from a number of clinicians in executive positions and that continues today.

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