Covid-19 Pandemic Resources for Marketers

NESHCo’s COVID-19 Resource Center for Healthcare Marketers

The New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) has established a resource center stocked with COVID-19 marketing tools. The organization asked its members to submit marketing pieces, tools, and examples of best practices; and the community responded by sharing their work from across New England and beyond. The ultimate goal is to help communicators and marketers find effective tools to engage staff, patients, and the public during this time of crisis. You can find the NESHCo COVID-19 resource center at

Within the resource center, you will find sample communications such as social media posts and templates from hospitals and health systems. You’ll see detailed infographics for staff, patients, and the public. You’ll also find sample letters to the community and internal newsletters. There are links to articles that other hospital marketers have found helpful. You’ll also see examples of FAQs and fact sheets related to COVID-19. The screenshots below give you some idea of the content you’ll find within the resource center. To visit the NESHCo COVID-19 resource center, go to

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