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Tonight: The #HCLDR Twitter Chat Live from #SHSMD17

Tonight (Tuesday, September 26th), the #HCLDR Twitter Chat will be presented live from the 2017 SHSMD Connections Conference (#SHSMD17) in Orlando, Florida. Colin Hung, a co-founder of #HCLDR, will be here in person to lead the charge from City Walk at Universal Studios where SHSMD will be holding their dinner event. I’m excited to once again serve as one of Colin’s wing men. We hope you’ll consider joining us, even if this is your first Twitter chat. Last year, we had a great group join along at Eataly in Chicago.

The #HCLDR chat will start at 8:30pm eastern time. Check the #HCLDR hashtag on Twitter for updates on the specific location where we’ll gather within City Walk at Universal Studios.

Some background on the Healthcare Leadership Twitter Chat (from the #HCLDR Blog):

#HCLDR is a strong and vibrant online community of people who all share a passion for improving healthcare. Our community includes patients, physicians, nurses, CEOs, IT folks, caregivers, policy makers and students from countries such as Canada, USA, Philippines, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and South Africa.

Everhcldry Tuesday at 8:30pm Eastern time (GMT-5), the #HCLDR community gathers for a weekly tweetchat where we discuss a healthcare related topic. In the days before the weekly chat, a blog is posted here on this website that provides background information and context for the discussion. Each post has the questions that will be discussed on the Tuesday chat.

#HCLDR was created by Colin Hung and Lisa Fields in 2012. The original idea was to establish a “virtual space” where people who were passionate about healthcare could gather and discuss issues via social media. At the time, there wasn’t a chat dedicated to leadership challenges in healthcare nor was there a community that was suited for people who were healthcare leaders – both in title and in spirit.

#HCLDR is open to anyone and everyone. It’s not just for healthcare executives. If you care about health, the care you or your loved ones receive or any aspect of the healthcare industry – then we consider you a healthcare leader and we hope that you will share your leadership with our community.

Since its launch in 2012 #HCLDR has grown beyond its humble beginnings and has exceeded even the wildest expectations of its founders. The Tuesday chats now regularly attract 125+ participants and generate over 12 Million impressions each week. It has been an incredible journey – one of constant evolution and change. In the spring of 2014 one such change occurred. Lisa Fields decided to retire from social media and from #HCLDR. Thankfully several members of the #HCLDR community stepped up and became full-time moderators and bloggers to help guide and shape the community. As well, several members became trusted advisors – lending their knowledge, advice, and expertise to the community.

Today, Colin Hung and Joe Babaian continue shepherding #HCLDR and its rich, international community of leaders.

You can reach them directly via email: colin@hcldr.org or joe@hcldr.org

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