One of the main reasons I attend the annual SHSMD Conference is the networking. I love reconnecting with colleagues from around the country and meeting others for the first time. Each year I write a blog post featuring 10 people you should try to meet while attending the conference. These are good people who I know, like, trust and respect. If you see them, introduce yourself.

  • Jeff Steblea – Jeff is great guy and a SHSMD Board Member. We serve on the NESHCo Board together. He is like a brother to me. He’s a marketing, communications and strategy consultant for SilverTech in Manchester, NH. @JS_SilverTech
  • Colin Hung – One of my favorite people. #HIT100 community member and the founder and co-moderator of the #HCLDR Twitter Chat and Online Community. @Colin_Hung
  • Dean Browell – Another great guy and SHSMD Board Member. Dean is a partner at Feedback in Richmond, VA. @feedbacktwt 
  • Cynthia Floyd Manley – Integrative Messaging and Content Strategist, Strategic Marketing, Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Cynthia is awesome! @cynthiamanley
  • Ed Bennett – Consultant, Ed Bennett Consulting. Ed is another great guy and legendary in the world of #HCSM. @edbennett
  • Vanessa Stafford – Vanessa is one of my co-presenters this week at #SHSMD17. She is the director of marketing for the New Hampshire Hospital Association. @nhhospitals & @vanessainnh
  • Kelly David – Marketing and Public Relations Director, Spectrum Healthcare Partners. Kelly Tweets at a speed that very few can match! She’s a friend and client. @kldavid
  • Julie Henry – Vice President, Communications, North Carolina Hospital Association and another one of my co-presenters this week at #SHSMD17. @nchospitals & @juliehenry
  • Kathy Divis – President, Greystone.Net. Kathy is one of those healthcare marketers that I respect a great deal. Her firm produces the annual Health Care Internet Conference (HCIC) @KathyDivis
  • Karen Corrigan – CEO, Corrigan Consulting – @KarenCorrigan – Karen is a trusted resource and good friend. She is one heck of a healthcare marketer.

2 comments on “10 People to Meet Today at #SHSMD17

  1. Thanks Dan. What a nice shout out! See you later today, I’m sure! Thanks again.

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