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One More Word About HealthCamp

Yesterday I published a post about HealthCamp Boston – an unconference for people interested in shaping the future of health and wellness. The post got a lot of play on Twitter (my thanks to everyone for the RTs). As I was reviewing the #hcBos Tweets, I noticed one from @baxterhorton.  It was different from the others and caught my attention. See his tweet below:

When I saw the Tweet, I knew Baxter was talking about a different kind of health camp. So, I click on the link and here is what I found:

Isn’t life amusing? This “Health Camp” is a burger place in Waco, Texas. I’d love to know the origin of the name. Wouldn’t you? (If you know, please shoot me a message.) I checked out Health Camp’s  website and there is a brief history of the restaurant, but nothing to suggest a rationale for the name. Having discovered this “Health Camp,” I firmly believe that Waco, Texas needs to be the location for the next HealthCamp: healthCa.mp/Waco. The event would have to include an outing for burgers and shakes at the original Health Camp! Here’s what the website says about Health Camp Restaurant’s history:

“Way Back in 1948, just three years after World War II, a young Jack Schaevitz built a mobile canteen to serve ice cream and burgers to military personnel at the Connally Air Force Base in Waco, Texas.

Jack’s cart was such a hit, that a year later in 1949, he opened the Health Camp located on the Waco Traffic Circle.

The late Mr. Schaevitz was a pioneer in the early fast food industry, and his restaurant continues today offering the finest frozen custard, ice cream and burgers.”

Here’s the link to Health Camp’s Facebook page so you can learn more about them: https://www.facebook.com/HealthCampWaco. Below are a few more photos of Health Camp in all its glory!

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