Less than a month from now, smart healthcare professionals from all over New England will gather in Boston for an unConference. HealthCamp Boston is a forum for people with interest in all areas of health and wellness to gather, to generate ideas, and to take practical steps towards building the future of healthcare. HealthCamps are different from traditional conferences where speakers talk at you. At HealthCamp Boston, an “unconference,” attendees set the agenda, and all contribute to the event according to their interests.

The Boston area is a center of innovation for all aspects of healthcare (the Medical Mecca), so you can be certain that people at HealthCamp Boston will be discussing things like:
– Big Data in healthcare
– Improving engagement and outcomes through mobile devices and social media
– Personalized medicine and translational medicine
– Empowered patients
– Practical impacts of healthcare reform
– and more…

Join the unconference on September 14th and be part of the conversation with academics, industry experts, innovators, investors, analysts, and engaged patients. Registerhere: http://healthca.mp/boston/register/

I understand that there are still opportunities for sponsors to join the fray. HealthCamp Sponsors (Entrepreneur, Supporter, Innovator and Benefactor level ticket buyers) are eligible to present a 4×4 at the morning session of HealthCamp. A 4×4 is 4 slides presented in 4 minutes that address:

  • The challenge you are addressing in Health Care
  • What you are doing to address the challenge
  • What you have learned along the way / what you are looking for help with
  • What drove you to address this challenge.

So check it out and get involved. It promises to be a great event.

3 comments on “HealthCamp Boston: September 14, 2012

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  2. Will try to make it if we get all stuff done. It would be awesome to meet up!

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