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iPad EMR Apps: A Guide to Electronic Medical Records

Web based EMRs? Remote access EMRs? Native iPad EMRs? Confused yet? The folks at Software Advice have taken notice of the lack of clarity around EMRs and have produced their “iPad EMR Apps: A Guide to Electronic Medical Record.” Just in time!

As we all know by now, more and more physicians are adopting iPads in hospitals and private practices. The mHealth revolution is upon us. To date, there are three main type of electronic health record systems that work on the iPad: web-based EMRs, remote access EMRs, and native iPad EMRs. All of these systems have their own positives and negatives.

According to the experts at Software Advice, Web-based EMRs are often ONC-ATCB certified (and can help physicians and hospitals receive government incentives), but are often not made to use Apple’s iOS operating systems. Remote access EMRs work just fine, but again, they are made to run on Windows operating systems and appear as such on the iPad. Native iPad EMRs are the best iPad EMR solution, and use the iPad’s iOS operating system to its fullest potential. But—as of today—none are ONC-ATCB certified. This may change, though, as iPads gain even more popularity.

For more information on iPad EMRs, read this article by Houston Neal of Software Advice: iPad EMR Apps | A Guide to Electronic Medical Records.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

2 comments on “iPad EMR Apps: A Guide to Electronic Medical Records

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  2. Software Advice generally does a decent job at comparing EMR/EHR platforms. I’ve been looking for an EHR, recently ended up on Software Advice and signed up for a demo with drchrono … the platform was easy to use and efficient. I think i’ll purchase it ….. check it out http://www.drchrono.com.

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