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Making Sense of EHR Choices

As a blogger, I get contacted daily by various individuals and companies looking to promote their services. Usually these hold no appeal for me. However, once in a while I will come across a resource that I think is worth sharing. The other day I was contact by James Resetco of FindTheBest, a website that allows individuals to do side-by-side comparisons of product offerings within a given niche. Frankly, I had never heard of them before. (They also have a comprehensive comparison of blogs!) The industry niche James contacted me about is the EHR/EMR market. The entire EMR/EHR area is a hot topic, even on my blog. A post I wrote in 2011 titled ” iPad EMR Apps: A Guide to Electronic Medical Records” was one of my most read posts of last year. That tells me there’s an interest in the subject matter!

FindTheBest’s EHR/EMR comparison (http://ehr-software.findthebest.com/) allows users to compare and filter EHR software by specialty, certifications, basic features, practice management features and more. Their data-driven comparison is human-curated to ensure accuracy with useful features including the ability to compare multiple products on an in-depth side-by-side format. The site also has a buying guide that outlines what to look for in Electronic Health Records software. The buying guide also includes a glossary of terms and an FAQ.

If your hospital is in the market for EHR/EMR technology, this looks like a useful tool. You can check it out yourself at http://ehr-software.findthebest.com/.

Screen Shot of FindTheBest's EHR Comparison

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