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Healthworks Collective: Thought Leaders in Healthcare

Social Media Today has launched a new online community for professionals in global healthcare. HealthworksCollective positions itself as “an editorially independent, moderated community for thought leaders in international healthcare.” They seek to aggregate content about healthcare and provide a platform where leading healthcare professionals can hash out the top issues of the day. By developing a community of bloggers, they hope to become “the leading online destination for thoughtful, intelligent healthcare debates.” Lofty goal! Although I have to say they’ve done pretty well with Social Media Today.

So where do these healthcare bloggers and deep thinkers come from? The good news for all of you healthcare thought leaders is that they are looking for bloggers to either syndicate content or contribute original content. Evidently they work to be very democratic in their adoption of bloggers/contributors. Go online and learn more at Several people I respect are already contributing content, including Howard Luks, Anthony Cirillo and Barbara Ficarra.

I’ve embedded a really interesting video interview with Robin Fray Carey, the editor and one of the founders of Social Media Today. It speaks to the vision behind metablogs like Social Media Today and Healthworks Collective.  If you’ve got a few moments, check it out.

Post by Dan Dunlop, The Healthcare Marketer

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