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Video Storytelling in Healthcare

I’ve always been a fan of the use of video in content marketing for healthcare organizations. We can use that content to humanize providers, tell patient stories, and explain/simplify otherwise complex concepts.

My firm recently started working with an orthopedics and sports medicine group in western North Carolina. Content marketing is a huge part of what we are doing for them. In our first video shoot, we were slated to develop 8 videos. We ended up walking away from that first shoot with enough content to generate more than 30 videos of varying lengths. I would say that half the videos are short social media videos while the other half are longer in format (2 to 3 minutes in length) and profile providers, staff members, and patients.

The impact of suddenly having 30+ videos for use in the practice’s content marketing is immense. Think of how much that video content serves to enrich that organization’s social media channels and website. Think about the feedback the videos stimulate – feedback from patients, staff members, family members, and people in the community. And the feedback immediately reinforces the decision to invest in content marketing.

Check out a few of the videos we produced from our first shoot for AppOrtho:

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