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My Language of Love Presentation from HITMC 2022

On Monday of this week, I presented at the 2022 HITMC conference in Foxboro, Massachusetts. My presentation was titled “Healthcare, The Employment Crisis, and the Language of Love.” In the presentation, I made the case for healthcare organizations embracing the language of love, kindness, and compassion as part of a fundamental shift in organizational culture. Currently, marketing and business-speak in healthcare are grounded in the language of warfare. We “launch” campaigns; we “target” market segments; we “engage” audiences, and we “outflank” the competition. We also use “guerrilla marketing” strategies and tactics. What would healthcare be like if we approached our work from a loving and compassionate perspective? How might this impact the current employment crisis we are all facing – “the great resignation?” If we are going to keep our valued employees and attract new talent to our organizations, we have to rethink the culture within our organizations and how our use of language impacts culture. And if we want to become more inclusive and diverse, fundamental change is required. See my slide deck below.

I was excited to see that there was a lot of great chatter on Twitter about my presentation. To make you feel like you were there, below are a few of the tweets that I was able to capture. Enjoy!

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