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A Post From The Trenches: Please Understand, We’re a Little Busy Until Further Notice

Today I’m sharing a post that was originally created for Facebook. It was written by my friend Kelly David, a terrific healthcare marketing and communicator with more than her fair share of grit! She is a one-person marketing team for a small but powerful community hospital in Maine. When I read this post a couple of days ago, I immediately asked her if I could share it on my blog. Fortunately, she was happy to comply!

Post from Kelly David’s Facebook Page

“I’m posting this for informational purposes.

Some people are working remotely, and that is absolutely the right thing to do. Thank you for practicing the physical distancing necessary to flatten the curve (and for putting up with your kids all day…seriously, mad props).

But many, many, many people are still working. And in healthcare, many, many people are working harder, longer hours than they typically do. Speaking for myself, I’m a communication team of one at my hospital and we have a LOT to communicate right now. I had so many vendors and contacts reach out to me today thinking that I’d be home and would have some extra time on my hands. And, I feel terrible and rude, but I’ve essentially had to send emails to everyone to follow back up with me in a month…a month! I’ve made a folder in my Outlook that’s titled ‘follow up after Covid’.

I’m staying close to the hospital, so as not to disturb my family by coming home super late and leaving super early. (Kelly has a very long commute. More than an hour each way.) I’ve worked every day for the last two weeks, as have so many others on our team; seriously, nurses, directors, and administrators have put in a lot of extra hours to prepare. And it is paying off; we are putting things in place, and I’m so encouraged by how many smart, hardworking people have come together to do all of this important work.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear back from someone in healthcare, even if it seems like they wouldn’t be on the front lines. And please, don’t stop in for a quick visit at the hospital with a staff member if you’re a vendor. We’d love to see you but visitors are limited and even if we weren’t so super busy, we likely wouldn’t be able to see you.

To my fellow healthcare workers, and particularly healthcare communicators because I know your plight, you ABSOLUTELY ROCK!”

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