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The 2nd Annual Western New England Healthcare Marketing Symposium will take place in Northampton, Massachusetts on April 7th, 2017. Last year’s event was sold out and received great reviews. Attendees will pay $65 for a full day of learning, sharing and networking. Lunch is included! Our goal was to make this day of learning extremely high in value while keeping costs as low as possible.

This year the presenters will cover a diverse range of topics including developing personas to help you create powerful, personalized communication; effectively integrating digital video into your content marketing program; brand journalism for the healthcare organization; integrating digital communications into your marketing for referring physicians; and what we can learn from 30 years of listening to physician feedback gathered through qualitative and quantitative research. Each speaker will present practical, actionable information that you can take back to your office and put into practice immediately. Registration is now open. To learn more or register, go to http://www.jenningshealthcaremarketing.com/wnehms/.

And yes, I will be presenting at this year’s symposium. My topic is digital physician marketing. As physicians become more savvy about social media and digital communication, how do we integrate digital platforms and communication channels into the marketing mix? As a result of this digital revolution, how will the role of the physician liaison change in the years to come? And for anyone who is interested, I can almost guarantee that several of us will be gathering immediately after the event for a social hour at a nearby pub. The discussion will continue there for any who are interested.







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screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-12-56-43-pmEach year, my friends at SilverTech present their State of Digital Marketing Report. In this year’s report, you’ll review data and insights gathered from nearly 200 marketing leaders, including 27 directors of marketing, 19 marketing managers, 10 chief marketing officers, and a variety of social media managers, IT directors, and digital marketing managers from 147 unique companies headquartered in 28 different states.


Marketing teams, both large (10 or more marketers) and small (less than 10 marketers), from B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies were surveyed. Teams responsible for all marketing efforts (both traditional and digital), primarily traditional marketing efforts (TV, print, radio, events), primarily digital marketing efforts (social media, PPC, SEO), and Information Technology (IT) were also surveyed.

They shared with SilverTech (and all of us) their top priorities, challenges, and opportunities for 2017 as they look to create deeper, more meaningful digital engagements with their customers.

Use this link to download the report. Enjoy!

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screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-12-25-16-pmFor the next couple of days I’ll be attending the Healthcare Internet Conference (#hcic16) in Las Vegas. Yes, I will be spending election night in Vegas. Look for my Tweets and posts. If you’re attending the conference, please come up and say hello! I’d enjoy having the opportunity to connect.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-12-42-16-pmAs always, I look forward to spending time with many of my friends and colleagues from the world of digital health and healthcare marketing. It is also rumored that Jennings (my firm) will receive a 2016 eHealthcare Leadership Award at the event. So that might be a highlight for my team. Our digital partners and good friends at Silvertech will have a booth in the exhibit hall (#97). Please stop by and show them some love! I know they would enjoy sharing their thoughts on how they can help streamline your digital marketing strategy to better serve your key audiences. I believe Jeff and Samantha will be staffing their booth.

So many of the presenters this year are my friends and colleagues. If you get a chance to see presentations by any of these people listed below, I strongly recommend it. (I didn’t list all the co-presenters for each session.)

  • Pre-Conference Workshop – Mapping the Journey from MarCom to MarTech, Karen Corrigan
  • Pre-Conference Workshop – Break the Record: How to Activate and Engage Your Community via Patient Portals, Suzanne Herman
  • Make Your Health Content Smarter Than Google, Ahava Leibtag
  • The Ultimate Online Physician Promotion Strategy: Filling Schedules, Implementing Online Reviews and Monitoring Reputations, Ben Dillon
  • Building a Brand with Digital Engagement, Chris Bevolo
  • A Healthier Redesign Through a Diet of Data and KPIs, Andy Gradel
  • Organizing your Team for CRM Success, Carla Bryant
  • Create and Clarify Your Vision: How HAP Achieved Digital Strategy Transformation, Dustin Hoffman, Sandra Fancher
  • Healthcare. Remixed, Zubin Damania, MD, Founder, Turntable Health | ZDoggMD (Zubin is amazing! This is a must see general session.)

I hope to see you in Vegas!

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SilvertechFrom a business perspective, this year has gotten off to an amazing start. On Tuesday I had my first delayed flight of the year (certainly not my last) as I traveled through Philadelphia on my way up to Manchester, New Hampshire. My friend Michelle Perron had invited me to speak at a meeting of the New Hampshire Medical Group Management Association. So, Wednesday morning I introduced a group of representatives from various medical practices and hospitals to my thoughts on the use of social media and digital platforms to market medical practices. It seemed to be well received, although several people in the room looked like deer stuck in headlights. I may have overwhelmed them. With that, I got my first speaking engagement of the year out of the way.

That afternoon, while still in Manchester, I took the opportunity to visit the guys at SilverTech. They are terrific web developers and I have enjoyed getting to know them over the last year. My client, Nick Zaharias at Lawrence General Hospital, introduced me to them and we instantly hit it off. That evening I headed back to Boston for a business dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. I had this amazing pasta with artichoke hearts, capers, cherry tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. And the conversation over dinner was as good as the food!

AliciaStaleyphotoThen on Thursday morning, I had a coffee meeting in Boston with my friend Alicia Staley (@stales), also known as the Awesome Cancer Survivor. I’ve known Alicia for about 7 years but we’ve never met in person (IRL). We talk on Twitter and Facebook all the time and have a mutual love for Tufts Medical Center. I’m so excited that Alicia and I are working on an ePatient panel for the spring NESHCo conference. Without Alicia’s expertise in this area, I would be lost. She is a huge patient advocate and an epatient herself. At the conference in May, people will be amazed when they hear her story. Thursday we met to discuss our plans for the panel and to brainstorm ideas for additional panelists. So far we have Amir Lewkowicz of Inspire.com joining us. Amir is one of the co-founders of Inspire.com. Inspire is an organization that connects patients, families, friends, caregivers and health professionals for health and wellness support through the use of online communities. With Amir and Alicia, we’ve already got an amazing panel.

After my morning meeting with Alicia I connected with one of my colleagues, Bruce Wlach, and we had lunch at one of my favorite haunts, Legal Seafoods. Nothing like a little Lobster bisque and a Lobster Roll to start the year off right!Legal seafood

After lunch we headed north to Lawrence, Massachusetts to visit Lawrence General Hospital. That evening we hosted a dinner for eight new bloggers who will be writing for the Moms, Dads & Docs Blog – a collaboration of Lawrence General and Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center. The bloggers were just selected through an online contest that we managed. At the dinner we had eight bloggers, some of their spouses, and a bunch of their children. It was a ton of fun. My job was to welcome them, given them the ground rules for blogging, and teach them how to support one another as we launch the blog. Initially there are no readers, and it is up to this small group of bloggers to come together and support one another. That means commenting on one another’s posts, sharing links to each post on their Facebook pages, and Tweeting about each post. Having done these blogger events in the past, I’ve learned a lot about how quickly the group will form into a community. It is a fascinating process to watch. Below are a couple of photos from the event:

Vanessa HaleSnake



So, that was my start to the new year. What a start! I love my job and I’m so fortunate to do what I do. Now if I can just find a few new clients to take us into 2015!

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