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I love listening to Chris Bevolo’s weekly Arrogant Healthcare Marketing Bastards podcast. It is a great mix of entertainment, nonsensical rambling and insightful perspective on the discipline of healthcare marketing. Each episode is about 20 minutes in length and I find them to be incredibly refreshing. You need to give them a listen.

“Arrogant Healthcare Marketing Bastards is Interval’s weekly podcast. It’s where we riff and rant on the hottest topics in healthcare marketing. From ROI to social media to reform, we hit it all — but not without derailing into randomness.”

This week’s podcast is titled “Mother Blogger.” One feature within the podcast was provoked by a blog post I wrote last week: “Mommy Blogs: Maligned & Misunderstood.” Chris had given me a heads up that I was going to be featured in this week’s podcast, so I was ready for anything. In the end, they were very kind. After a really great discussion about consumer engagement and the changing healthcare landscape, Chris and his crew officially requested that we now call mommy bloggers “mom bloggers” or “mother bloggers.” Chris just can’t get beyond the “Mommy” word. What is your preference and how do you feel about the “mommy blogger” label? I know there are other marketers who share Chris’ feelings about the term.

So, check out the podcast and then review my original post – Mommy Blogs: Maligned & Misunderstood. Let us know where you stand on the issue. And while you’re at it, have some fun!

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Okay, we all know that healthcare marketers tend to focus their efforts on communicating with women. Of course. Women are typically the primary healthcare decision-makers for their families. Hence the proliferation of new tools that are ideal for communicating with busy moms and women of all ages. In fact, just this week my firm launched a new mommy blog for one of our hospital clients (Signature Healthcare) in Brockton, Massachusetts. You can visit the blog at http://www.SignatureMoms.com. We’re beginning with a Facebook contest to recruit mommy blogger from the community. It will be exciting to see the blog grow and develop – as we’ve seen with other hospital blogs we’ve launched.

But what about dad? Doesn’t dad deserve some attention as well. Could dad be a mommy blogger – or a daddy blogger? And more importantly, would people read his blog?

My colleague Joe Florence recently launched his “dad blog” to coincide with the birth of his first child – Roscoe. Joe had the soul of a writer, so he’s perfect for the daddy blogger role. I was reading through several of his posts yesterday and thought that I should share his blog with a wider audience. It is too good to keep hidden. So I invite you to visit Joe’s blog and get a sense for what one dad blog looks like. It is a pleasure to read – and incredibly engaging. Go to http://truckandlasso.com/. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Okay, it wasn’t really a brunch. But today we did have a gathering of the new mommy bloggers who will soon be submitting posts to the Merrimack Valley Moms blog. It was more of a lunch than a brunch. Whatever you call it, it was the first time the mommy bloggers had a chance to meet one another face-to-face. What a great group! Although they all have motherhood in common, they are all unique and each will bring a distinct voice to the blog.

If you follow this blog, you’ve probably seen a couple of the posts I’ve written recently about the role of mommy blogs in healthcare marketing. The MV Moms blog is the result of an affiliation between Lowell General Hospital and Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center. It’s really exciting to see these two organizations experiment with this relatively new communications platform to engage moms in the Merrimack Valley.

I thought I’d post some of the photos from today’s gathering. Next week we’ll begin posting introductory videos where you’ll have a chance to meet these amazing women and hear from them in their own words.

Enjoy the photos below:

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Over the last month or two I’ve written a couple of posts about the mommy blog that two of my firm’s hospital clients have created. It is called Merrimack Valley Moms (http://www.mvmoms.com). To launch the blog, Lowell General Hospital and Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center held a contest via Facebook to recruit potential bloggers. The four winners would receive a modest cash prize and a permanent slot as an official mommy blogger on the Merrimack Valley Moms site.

Well, Marianne Aiello at HealthLeaders got wind of the promotion and the new blog, and wrote a story about it in the latest issue of Healthcare Marketing Advisor. The article is now available on HealthLeaders’ website at http://tinyurl.com/2d4jeow. Marianne did a really nice job with the story so please check it out.

It is my view that in the future  tools like mommy blogs are going to become important forums for hospitals to engage their constituents. If you’d like to check out an earlier post I wrote on mommy blogs and hospitals, go to http://tinyurl.com/2u46cz8. And if you don’t already subscribe to Healthcare Marketing Advisor, I recommend it. I’m on their national advisory board, so I am admittedly biased.

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