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The folks from Vree Health sent me this infographic yesterday – highlighting their perspective on the four main steps to lowering hospital readmission costs: Comprehensive Care Coordination, Improved Hand-Offs (keeping the PCP informed), Medication Management, and Post-Discharge Follow-Up.  (Vree is a transitional care provider.)

What this graphic doesn’t address is the way in which marketers can help to address hospital readmissions. What are your thoughts? Can we help to make information more readily available to patients leaving the hospital?  What can we do while the patient is still in the hospital? How might online patient communities (hosted by the hospital) help? Could we introduce the patient to those communities prior to discharge, opening the door to helpful information and resources?

Enjoy the infographic.

4 Pillars of Transitional Care - Lowering Readmission Costs

4 Pillars of Transitional Care – Lowering Readmission Costs, an Infographic by Vree Health.

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