screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-12-25-16-pmFor the next couple of days I’ll be attending the Healthcare Internet Conference (#hcic16) in Las Vegas. Yes, I will be spending election night in Vegas. Look for my Tweets and posts. If you’re attending the conference, please come up and say hello! I’d enjoy having the opportunity to connect.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-12-42-16-pmAs always, I look forward to spending time with many of my friends and colleagues from the world of digital health and healthcare marketing. It is also rumored that Jennings (my firm) will receive a 2016 eHealthcare Leadership Award at the event. So that might be a highlight for my team. Our digital partners and good friends at Silvertech will have a booth in the exhibit hall (#97). Please stop by and show them some love! I know they would enjoy sharing their thoughts on how they can help streamline your digital marketing strategy to better serve your key audiences. I believe Jeff and Samantha will be staffing their booth.

So many of the presenters this year are my friends and colleagues. If you get a chance to see presentations by any of these people listed below, I strongly recommend it. (I didn’t list all the co-presenters for each session.)

  • Pre-Conference Workshop – Mapping the Journey from MarCom to MarTech, Karen Corrigan
  • Pre-Conference Workshop – Break the Record: How to Activate and Engage Your Community via Patient Portals, Suzanne Herman
  • Make Your Health Content Smarter Than Google, Ahava Leibtag
  • The Ultimate Online Physician Promotion Strategy: Filling Schedules, Implementing Online Reviews and Monitoring Reputations, Ben Dillon
  • Building a Brand with Digital Engagement, Chris Bevolo
  • A Healthier Redesign Through a Diet of Data and KPIs, Andy Gradel
  • Organizing your Team for CRM Success, Carla Bryant
  • Create and Clarify Your Vision: How HAP Achieved Digital Strategy Transformation, Dustin Hoffman, Sandra Fancher
  • Healthcare. Remixed, Zubin Damania, MD, Founder, Turntable Health | ZDoggMD (Zubin is amazing! This is a must see general session.)

I hope to see you in Vegas!

(This is my heart-felt opinion. I don’t pretend to represent anyone else through this blog post. So, if you’re going to hate, direct it at me. I will just return your hate with kindness and gratitude.)

Whatever you think about the 2016 presidential race, it has awakened a feminist revolution in America. For those of you who thought the revolution was won long ago, clearly that is not the case. Today, misogyny is rampant in our country and is even celebrated, as is currently being demonstrated by the “#Repealthe19th” Amendment movement on Twitter. Just look at the stats for the #Repealthe19th hashtag over a recent 24 hour period on Twitter. People really believe in and support this barbaric thinking.


Here are a few sample Tweets from the #Repealthe19th movement:






If that’s not enough, check out this offensive promotional video supporting the #Repealthe19th movement. It is insane, and voiced by a woman. (I’m a firm believer in giving people with offensive perspectives the opportunity to show their stupidity. Until recently, I thought that was an effective strategy. After witnessing the last few months of election coverage, I’m beginning to rethink that.)

I have had enough. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent, this is not okay. Everyone should be put off by this kind of sexist and misogynistic thinking. That includes single guys, single women, married people, parents of boys, parents of girls and grandparents. Having a daughter or a wife should not be a prerequisite to being offended by offensive behavior and perspectives that marginalize women.

mom-dam-selfie-goodI am a feminist and was raised as a feminist by a powerful woman, Patsy Dunlop. I have four powerful sisters and I’m fortunate enough to be married to a strong (actually fierce) woman, Scotti Harwood. Yes, she has her own last name. Imagine that. I’m also proud to have helped raise an amazing daughter who is a feminist in her own right. This will be her first time voting in a presidential election! My business partner is a kick-ass female business owner who takes no prisoners. Finally, I’m fortunate enough to work in the healthcare industry where strong female role models are abundant – CEOs, Chief Nursing Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, VPs of Marketing and more. But none of that matters when I talk about my intolerance of misogyny. What matters is that I am a human being and, as such, I find this patently misogynistic behavior and rhetoric  to be offensive and dangerous. The male chauvinist pig is alive and well in 2016. Although I rarely, if ever, write about politics, I could no longer remain silent.

Right now, thanks to early voting, Americans are casting their votes for the next President of the United States. As I voted last week, I did it with a spirit of hope, gratitude and humility. It occurred to me that as Americans, we should be better than this. We have to rise above this hateful, mean spirited rhetoric and the vilification of people who are different than us. The answer to our problems is not to limit anyone’s freedom or to marginalize entire populations (women, ethnic groups, immigrants, LGBT). As a nation, we fought hard to secure the freedoms we now enjoy. All of us, with the exception of Native Americans, are descended from immigrants. We gain nothing by tearing down one another or by fear-mongering. By the way, I believe that misogyny is a response to feeling powerless. People are lashing out. They feel powerful being part of a movement, albeit a hate movement, whether that’s directed at women, immigrants or people of other races.

Why is misogyny dangerous? The misogyny that is rampant during this presidential race is the kind of thinking that leads men to feel that it is okay to objectify, discriminate against, verbally abuse, sexually assault and rape women. Remember, there are young women and boys who are now growing up listening to this nonsense. Some of their parents are espousing these views. What are those young people to think? What lessons are they being taught?

The one positive result of this resurgence of misogynistic views has been the reawakening of feminist voices. Some call it a new feminist revolution. Whatever it is, we should all be a part of it. I celebrate it! A revolution is far better than sitting on our hands and quietly allowing the voices of hate and bigotry to tyrannize and marginalize women, entire ethnic groups and other individuals they target.

I am one man and I have one voice. While I have that voice, I am going to take the opportunity to promote values of kindness, caring, compassion and gratitude. And I am going to speak out against hate-mongering, divisiveness, misogyny, objectification and the vilification of “others” who may be different because of their ethnic background, appearance, sexual preference or language. Adolf Hitler employed many of the same tactics currently being used by the hate-mongers, racists and misogynists running rampant in America. The evil that ensued in Germany happened, in part, because so many people acted out of simple bureaucratic obedience. This is what Hannah Arendt referred to as the Banality of Evil – where evil acts become routine and are therefore normalized. The doing of evil can take on a mindless quality. It can become routine. It can become normalized.

What are you willing to accept as normal? That’s my question to you. Are you willing to accept these vulgar attacks on human beings? I’m not.

Sharing Halloween

Happy Halloween! This holiday brings out the kid in me. My family goes all out decorating for Halloween and we always carve pumpkins. It’s part of our tradition.

Given the role that digital communication plays in my life, I decided to carve a ghost emoji jack-o-lantern. An emoji jack-o-lantern? It just makes sense. Enjoy the photos.

Here are a few photos of my office decorated for the holiday.

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-12-17-26-pmThis morning I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion as part of NESHCo’s 2016 Virtual Conference (New England Society for Healthcare Communications). The subject of our conversation was emerging media’s role in healthcare marketing. I had three terrific social media marketers on the panel with me:

  • Carol Vassar is a social media specialist at Hartford Healthcare. She previously worked at the American Red Cross and Connecticut Department of Public Health.
  • Nate Bae Kupel is a Senior Consultant with Crescendo Consulting Group, a Portland, Maine-based marketing, research, and communications firm.
  • Cat Mooney is a digital strategist with experience in higher education, healthcare, startups & digital publishing. She brings a holistic approach to developing integrated strategies and digital road maps for her healthcare and non-profit clients at Charles River Interactive.

By my judgment, the Virtual Conference was a great success. We had 25 people Tweeting along, using the #NESHCoEDU hastag. They generated 196 Tweets in just under four hours. And they accounted for nearly 400,000 impressions on Twitter.

Below are the Twitter Analytics as reported by Symplur. You’ll also see information on the top influencers from the conference. Enjoy.




Here are the final Twitter analytics for the two full days of the 2016 Connected Health Symposium, as reported by Symplur. In total, 785 people Tweeted over the two days using the conference hashtag (#cHealth16). There were 3,126 Tweets which amounted to an average of 65 Tweets per hour. Of course, the actual Twitter activity was concentrated during the hours that the conference was open. The total number of potential impressions generated over the two days was 19,211,389. Very respectable numbers.

Below you’ll find the analytics from Symplur as well as data on the top influencers on Twitter during the Symposium. I learned a great deal at the conference and had a great time Tweeting (and Retweeting) with these influencers. It was an honor to take part in the conference.





PARTNERS Connected Health Symposium to Merge with PCHAlliance Connected Health Conference in 2017

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-9-45-49-pmThe Connected Health Symposium started off with a big announcement by founder, Joe Kvedar, MD, Vice President, Connected Health at Partners HealthCare. During his keynote, Kvedar announced that Partners Connected Health and the Personal Connected Health Alliance have formed a new partnership to improve health outcomes by accelerating the adoption of personal connected health and establishing the singular leadership event focused on the future of technology-enabled health and wellness. As part of this collaboration, they will merge the Partners Connected Health Symposium and the Connected Health Conference starting next year, creating the premier event in the field.

Beginning in 2017, the Partners Connected Health Symposium and the PCHAlliance Connected Health Conference (formerly the mHealth Summit) will combine to create the largest event dedicated to digital and connected health. The event will be hosted by PCHAlliance with Partners Connected Health serving as the Organizing Partner, under the banner of the Connected Health Conference.

Joseph C. Kvedar will serve as Program Chair for the newly combined event, and Senior Advisor to PCHAlliance. He has also joined the PCHAlliance Board of Directors.

Disruptive Women in Healthcare – Boston Strong Panel

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-9-45-14-pmOne of the sessions I was most looking forward to was the Disruptive Women in Healthcare panel discussion. It did not disappoint. The panelists included Robin Strongin (Moderator), President & CEO of Amplify Public Affairs and founder of the Disruptive Women in Health Care Blog; Ami Bhatt, MD, FACC, director of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center at MGH and an active clinical cardiologist, investigator and educator; Glenna Crooks, PhD, Founder of SageLife, LLC; Naomi Fried, PhD, thought leader in healthcare innovation and digital health; Lisa Gualtieri, PhD, ScM, assistant professor at Tufts University School of Medicine in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine and is Director of the certificate program in Digital Health Communication; Kathy McGroddy Goetz, PhD, Vice President of Partnerships & Solutions for IBM Watson Health; Mandira Singh, director at athenahealth where she runs the company’s More Disruption Please program including the MDP Network and Marketplace.

This panel was one of my favorite sessions of the day. I’m grateful to all of the panelists for sharing their stories and insights.

Best Presentation of the Day: Wearable Sensors Expand Human Potential by Lauren Costantini, PhD (Keynote)

costantini_lauren_cvent_editedDr. Costantini is CEO of Prima-Temp, a company revolutionizing wireless, continuous temperature sensing. Prima-Temp’s first product continuously tracks a woman’s body temperature, and sends an alert to her smartphone when she is most fertile. Dr. Costantini has a PhD in Neuroscience and was formerly on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Costantini is an amazing presenter. The substance of her talk was right on point. But, as someone who presents at lots of conferences, it was here ability as a presenter that most impressed me. She is poised, articulate, incredibly smart and just an overall strong communicator. I felt like I was watching a well produced Tedx Talk. In fact, she has done a Tedx Talk. If you’re interested, you can check it out below.

Connecting with the Team from RecycleHealth

In the past I’ve written posts about RecycleHealth, an organization started by my friend, Lisa Gualtieri. The team at RecycleHealth gathers wearables from people who upgrade to newer models or just stop using them, and donates them to fitness studies involving underserved populations. I was so excited to connect with Lisa and her team in the exhibit hall. What a great group! And Lisa is a rock star in the world of digital health communication.


Meeting Joe Kvedar, MD, Connected Health Founder

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-10-20-06-pmA week ago I wrote a review of Joe Kvedar’s book, The Internet of Healthy Things. I loved the book and plan to give copies to all of my clients and healthcare marketing friends. So, I was excited when I got the chance to meet Joe in person and have him sign my book. Between signing books he was trying to take a few bites of a Lobster Roll. Yes, we had Lobster Rolls for lunch, another highlight of the day!

Joe also announced that he and his collaborators have a new book coming out in 2017. The book will be titled, The New Mobile Age.

In summary, those were some of the highlights from Day One of the 2016 Connected Health Symposium. There’s really no way to capture this conference in a blog post. Attending the conference and interacting with attendees and speakers is truly a remarkable experience. I am on content overload. If you’ve never been to this event, I strongly recommend you put it on your calendar for next year! And by the way, people are dressed smartly at this conference. Lots of suits and business attire. For me, that was unexpected but welcome.



screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-8-26-23-pmToday I attended the first day of the Connected Health Symposium at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. It was an incredible day! Tomorrow should be equally amazing.

According to Symplur, Day One at the 2016 Connected Health Symposium was quite active on Twitter. There were 471 unique individuals Tweeting using the official #cHealth16 hashtag. They generated 1,736 Tweets that represent a potential 10,324,909 impressions. Not a bad day!

Below you will find additional analytics provided by Symplur, including data on the leading influencers on Twitter. Influencers are segmented by number of Tweets, number of potential impressions, and number of mentions. These influencers would be great people to follow if you have an interest in connected health, digital health and/or digital health technology. There’s also a snap shot of Tweet volume throughout the day. Enjoy the analytics and keep Tweeting! (click on an image to enlarge)




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