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In June of 2016 I published an article in Healthcare Marketing Report titled “The Expanded Role of the Healthcare Marketer.” It discusses the changes that will take place within healthcare marketing departments as our organizations move from a fee for service model to a value model. As our organizations transform, so must the marketing function. Here’s a brief video where I speak to that opportunity.


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Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.30.03 AMEach year, Richard Cohen of Healthcare Marketing Report asks me to write a Point of View piece (POV) for his publication. This is a great opportunity for me to share my thinking on the state of healthcare marketing and my vision for the future. Richard is very kind to give me that opportunity. (As an aside, one of the many things I like about Richard is that he is a pizza connoisseur. Although I am not a connoisseur, I am an avid pizza lover. So we have that in common.)

My latest POV piece appears in the May issue of Healthcare Marketing Report. I just received my copy yesterday and shared it with my team. To give you a small taste of the article, here’s an excerpt from the first paragraph:

“Healthcare marketing is facing a crisis of relevance. For marketing to be relevant, it needs to be of value to those receiving the communication. When hospitals, medical centers and health systems promote their services, technologies and procedures, they largely miss the mark. While healthcare communicators spew content in the hope that someone will pay attention, consumers turn the other way. Why wouldn’t they turn away? We are largely talking about ourselves, looking inward, and that just isn’t interesting.” (Healthcare Marketing Report, Volume 33, Number 5, May 2015)

I invite you to check out the latest issue of Healthcare Marketing Report (HMR). You’ll find my article beginning on page 17. And if you don’t subscribe to HMR, I recommend looking into it.

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Health Strategy Alert Article Spring 2015
Often the time between writing an article and seeing it in print can be 4 to 6 months. That’s a long time to wait. So when the publication finally arrives, I’m always excited to see the final product.

Yesterday I received the latest issue of Healthcare Strategy Alert (2015 Vol 1). My article, “The Digital Future of Physician Marketing,” appears in this issue. As I flipped through the publication, I was so excited to see that my article is sandwiched right between pieces written by two of my friends who also happen to be healthcare marketing thought leaders: Gabrielle DeTora and Chris Bevolo. These are people I admire and respect. I could not ask for better company!

For me, this was a good reminder about the quality of Healthcare Strategy Alert. If you’re not familiar with the publication, it is distributed to members of the Forum for Healthcare Strategists. If you don’t belong to the Forum, check it out at http://www.healthcarestrategy.com/forum/.

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