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Putting Love in Healthcare: The Podcast

A few months ago I was having a conversation with my friend Jared Johnson about my latest passion: “The Language of Love in Healthcare.” My premise is that of all industries, healthcare should be comfortable with the language of love. In fact, we should embrace the language of love. Don’t love and healing go hand in hand? Our organizational cultures should reflect love, kindness, caring, and compassion. If that were genuinely the case, we might not have such an issue with the recruitment and retention of employees. But right now, we face a crisis in that area. The positive vibes that would come with a new, more loving brand lexicon could make a world of difference.

When I mentioned my new area of interest, Jared suggested I come on his podcast as a guest and share my perspective. This topic fits in well with a series of podcasts he had planned about how words have the power to transform healthcare. So, a couple of weeks ago we recorded the podcast and it is now ready for prime time (as ready as it will ever be). I’m grateful for Jared giving me this opportunity to once again rant about our industry’s need for change.

To listen to the podcast, go to You can also listen on the platform of your choosing:

Enjoy! And let me know what you think.

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