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Virtual. I’m Over It.

This is not a post about Zoom Gloom. This is a post about language. One of my pet peeves that has emerged during the pandemic is the use of the word virtual. Most of the time it is misused. Meetings using Zoom or Go-to-Meeting are not virtual – they are real meetings. The participants are just appearing from remote locations using some online platform. No need to call it a virtual meeting. It is a meeting via Zoom. It’s a meeting taking place online, not virtually. Enough said.

When I think of “virtual,” I think of “virtual reality.” However, since the onset of the pandemic, everything remote has been labeled virtual. My friends and I have virtual happy hours. We all attend virtual conferences. Why didn’t we ever call webinars “virtual presentations?” It’s because they are not virtual! Is this a “virtual blog post” because I’m writing the post from my office in Durham, NC, and you’re reading it somewhere else? Is Network TV virtual because the broadcast originates in a studio in New York and you watch it from your home? You get my point.

All this virtual talk drives me crazy. And it diminishes the importance of the interactions we have when we gather from remote locations. Can we please stop calling everything virtual? It feels like a misuse of language. And it annoys me.

That’s my morning rant! Take care.

1 comment on “Virtual. I’m Over It.

  1. jmcdonald2

    You’re right, of course. The dictionary definition of “virtual” is “almost or nearly as described.” We wouldn’t have been able to conduct business at all these last many months if we were holding “almost meetings.” 🙂

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