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Probiotics TV Spots Censored for Poop References

Garden of Life has launched a “Poopowerment Campaign” that will run through the end of the year on cable channels. If you watch any of the Discovery channels, you’ve probably already seen the ads. Of course, several stations rejected the spots because they use the word “poop.” Well, that stinks! (I’m also pretty sure the folks at Garden of Life and its agency, Humanaut, are thrilled with that outcome. It means more press for their campaign!)

There is a serious side to this. As a society, we need to come to terms with basic human biology and we need to be more comfortable discussing those things that have historically made us uncomfortable. Pooping is certainly one of those things. In the past, I’ve written about our reluctance to talk about end-of-life issues. Most people avoid discussing or even learning about end-of-life care for themselves or a loved one. Why can’t we deal with the fact that people will eventually die? There are practical and emotional benefits to having a discussion about an individual’s desires, needs, and fears around death. Dying, pooping, hemorrhoids, and having yeast infections are all part of the human experience. We would be so much better off if we could get comfortable discussing them.

For now, let’s celebrate these TV spots for Garden of Life Women’s Probiotics. Enjoy the spot.

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