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My Travel Itinerary: A Good Sign

Two weeks ago, some of my co-workers and I spent a few days in Bangor, Maine for a video shoot. We were producing videos that tell the story of the opioid and mental health epidemics facing our nation and how this one very special community hospital in Maine is responding. This trip to Bangor marked the first of 5 video shoots we have scheduled around the country over a four week span of time. Last week, we headed to Lawrence, Massachusetts and Boston for two distinct shoots. Being on downtown Boston was amazing!

This week we’re in Reno, Nevada shooting at Renown Health. And then we close out our itinerary next week with a shoot in Durham, North Carolina – right in our backyard. (And our travel schedule for June is starting to take shape!)

I don’t know if I’ll ever travel with the frequency I did before the pandemic, but it is exciting to be hitting the road once again. It felt natural the last couple of weeks working from airports and hotel rooms. Getting back in that groove wasn’t hard at all. What I do find challenging is building up the stamina for very long days and little sleep. Frankly, I expected that to be a challenge. But I’m taking it one day at a time – one trip at a time.

For me, the most difficult part of business travel is that my day job doesn’t go away while I’m on the road. Email keeps flowing, Zoom calls keep happening, and projects continue. For me, a lot of that work happens in the early morning hours and late at night back in the hotel room.

The good news is that I am once again contributing to the economic well being of hotels, airlines, restaurants, and rental car companies! That feels very good. And I am getting to reconnect with some really special people that I haven’t seen in over a year.

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