CHPRMS Lunch & Learn: The Health Belief Model

On March 31st at noon, the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society (CHPRMS) will host a lunch & learn session on behavioral change marketing. In he paragraphs below, I’ve inserted the promotional copy from CHPRMS that give more detail about the event. With Susan Dubuque presenting, the talk is bound to be beneficial and informative! To register, click here.

Learn Behavior Change Marketing in Under an Hour (for Vaccine Hesitancy and Other Health Improvement Strategies)

Emerging from the worldwide pandemic and returning to some semblance of normalcy will require that 70-80% of the population of the US be vaccinated against COVID-19. Achieving this level of “herd immunity” is a tall order in an environment that is mired in fear, suspicion and the politicization of this disease.

In 2020, UNESCO defined this COVID-19 period as a “disinfodemic” – that is, a time filled with an over-abundance of information, misinformation and disinformation. With the staggered rollout around the world of the COVID-19 vaccine, compelling and targeted communications are vital to increasing vaccine uptake. Our employees, patients, and community members must depend upon trusted sources for credible information to support decision-making. (You might be surprised to learn that many healthcare workers are among the vaccine-hesitant!)

In this brief session, you will learn a proven model of behavior change—the Health Belief Model. This framework is the gold standard for public health and applies not only to vaccine hesitancy, but any health improvement effort that you may be engaged in – from promoting mammograms and colonoscopies to heart health and diabetes management.

To register for the event, please use this link.

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