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Are 250,000 Deaths/Year Too Many?

I’m not talking about the pandemic; I’m talking about deaths each year from preventable medical errors in U.S. hospitals. Depending on what source you use, the actual number is anywhere between 250,000 and 400,000 per year. For some reason, this topic never gets the attention it deserves. This is something I have written about extensively in the past. Check out this post from 2019.

Just prior to the onset of the pandemic, I sat down with an expert on patient safety, Kim Hollon (CEO of Signature Healthcare in Massachusetts), to discuss his views on the current safety crisis within our healthcare system. Kim is someone I consider to be a mentor and I have watched him transform his hospital into one where patient safety is the top priority. Over the last five years, they have developed a culture of safety at Signature Healthcare. They live and breathe patient safety. Over the course of two days, Kim and I recorded a ton of content that we then edited into a number of focused videos on various subjects related to patient safety and preventable medical errors. Below, are the first three in the series. We begin with a video where I ask Kim why he has taken on this crusade where he actually challenges his peers to do better. I invite you to watch these videos.

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