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Creating Community Action Around The Social Determinants of Health

For the last year, my team and I have worked with Kelly David and the leadership at St. Joseph Healthcare in Bangor, Maine to develop a campaign that helps build community and understanding around the social and economic determinants of health. In particular, St. Joe’s message is that it takes community partnership and teamwork to successfully address the health issues that communities face: substance use disorder, food insecurity, homelessness, violence and human trafficking, and more. Mary Prybylo, the CEO of St. Joe’s, believes that it is the role of the community hospital to facilitate the development of community partnerships designed to tackle these challenges.

The campaign we develop with St. Joe’s celebrates the community partnerships and organizations that are making a real difference in the health of the Bangor community. Below is some of the creative from the campaign. As you’ll see, video storytelling is playing an important role in this campaign.

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