Much of what happened for me this year was captured in a series of videos. These are either videos where I addressed specific issues relevant to healthcare marketers and communicators during the pandemic, or videos my firm produced for clients along the way. Below are a series of videos that in part tells the story of 2020 that I experienced. Hopefully, some of it rings true for you as well.

Developing Your Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategy

On April 13, 2020, I shared this unusually long video where I addressed the need for hospitals and health systems to develop a post-pandemic marketing strategy that allows for the promotion of key revenue-producing services. At the time, hospitals were floundering and losing money by the truckload. Marketers were overwhelmed dealing with the pandemic and not many of us were looking to solutions to help our hospitals’ bottom lines.

A Hospital Week Like No Other

Hospital Week 2020 was definitely unique. Those of us in the hospital marketing business plan for Hospital Week every year, and often we are just going through the motions. This year, Hospital Week meant a whole lot more! This is a video we produced for Northern Arizona Healthcare showing their team celebrating their colleagues.

COVID-19: The Marketer’s Imperative to Address Fear and Anxiety

On May 5, 2020, I released this video about the need to address consumers’ fear of visiting healthcare facilities. In December 2020, this is still a priority as many people avoid seeking necessary care.

Flyover: Honoring Healthcare Workers and Patients

Throughout the pandemic, healthcare workers have been honored in any number of ways. For the healthcare workers at Northern Arizona Healthcare, one of those moments came in the form of a flyover by the Air National Guard. We captured this event on video so we could share it with internal and external brand constituents.

The Lethal Impact of Health Disparities and Systemic Racism

On June 18, 2020, I released this impassioned video about the need for healthcare organizations to address health disparities and systemic racism. I was seeing and hearing a lot of health system CEOs speak out against systemic racism but wasn’t hearing much about plans to address health inequities and the upstream causes of those inequities. As they say, “talk is cheap.”

Helping Free Clinics Overcome the Challenges Presented by the Pandemic

One of the more rewarding projects we worked on during the pandemic was a public awareness campaign for Virginia’s Free and Charitable Clinics. With unemployment rates skyrocketing and so many people losing their employer-sponsored health insurance, free clinics are experiencing high levels of demand yet have limited resources to meet the increased costs of providing care during COVID-19. This campaign sought to attract donors and volunteers while continuing to reach out to potential patients who perhaps were unaware of all that free clinics offer or who were turned off by the stigma of free clinics.

St. Joseph Healthcare Community Partnership Campaign

One of the projects that is close to my heart and emerged within this pandemic was the Community Partnership Campaign we produced for St. Joseph Healthcare in Bangor, Maine. The team at St. Joe’s is actively partnering with community organizations to address the upstream causes of poor health: homelessness, substance abuse disorder, food insecurity, domestic violence and human trafficking, and more. This is one organization that understands that community health is best impacted through actions out in the community, not simply within the walls of the hospital or an outpatient clinic. And they understand that they have an important role to play in facilitating conversations and actions that will ultimately lead to change.

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