Kindness, Patience, Handwashing, and Virtual Hugs

I took this photo last weekend at my neighborhood Ace Hardware store. It struck me that if hardware stores can share messages around kindness, patience, and virtual hugs, those of us in healthcare surely ought to be able to do the same. How well do we, as healthcare organizations and healthcare communicators, communicate the virtues of love, kindness, generosity, selflessness, and compassion? It’s not that it doesn’t happen in our field, it just doesn’t happen enough. That is one reason I have been so enamored with the #PinkSocks movement; it explicitly sets out to communicate kindness and generosity within healthcare.

Again, if a hardware store in Durham, North Carolina can communicate kindness, patience, and virtual hugs (not to mention hand hygiene), why can’t we weave a little more of that into our communications and real-life actions? The world would be a better place.

2 comments on “Kindness, Patience, Handwashing, and Virtual Hugs

  1. Well written my friend. I posted it on my Facebook account.

    • Thanks Lonny! That means a lot coming from you. Please know I am often thinking of you these days. And of all things, my daughter who just graduated from college has decided she wants to move to Philly. Crazy!

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