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Hey Rite Aid, What Business Are You In?

Some of the big, publicly traded companies out there just amaze me. Here’s one example. On July 17th, Rite Aid announced through a press release that as of July 21st it would be requiring customers at all of its locations to wear face coverings. Rite Aid is doing the right thing, so I’m not scolding them. But I do want to ask what took them so long? They are in the health and wellness business whether they recognize it or not. People who aren’t feeling well frequent their locations. Face masks should have been a given many weeks ago. When I received the below email from Rite Aid, it just struck me as being so odd. Honestly, I think the ad should have said: “We apologize for taking so long to do the right thing for our customers, our employees, and the communities we serve.” (I do realize that companies like Rite Aid are now getting criticized no matter what they do regarding face covering policies. That’s why doing the right thing should be their guiding principle. If you’re going to get attacked for whatever decision you make, at least make the right one.)

To everyone out there, I ask that you use common sense. If you’ve lost your way, look to your mission and core values. Rite Aid’s mission is “to improve the health and wellness of our communities through engaging experiences that provide our customers with the best products, services and advice to meet their unique needs.” From my perspective, the health and wellness of the community begin with providing a safe shopping environment for those seeking your products and services. Again, it is common sense.

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