Community Health Blog Storytelling – A New Community Blog by St. Joseph Healthcare is a new blog/brand journalism site that is in large part the vision of St. Joseph Healthcare’s CEO, Mary Prybylo. I remember meeting with Mary months ago and she shared with me that she is always out in the community telling stories about St. Joe’s and its employees, and she wished she had a way to share those stories more broadly. Of course, my mind immediately went to an online platform where she could share blog posts, videos, and other content that people in the community would find interesting and of value. Hence the birth of this community health blog:  (If it isn’t already apparent, St. Joseph Healthcare is a client of my firm.) Kelly David, St. Joe’s director of marketing and business development, brought the vision to life.

This blog is launching today and I’m so excited. This is a really positive development during a difficult time in healthcare. I’m even excited by the URL and the name of the blog! Be Healthy Maine. The focus is not on medicine, surgery, or procedures. It’s about keeping the community healthy and informed. It’s about health and wellness, not just healthcare. For those of you who’ve never heard of St. Joseph Hospital, it’s a 112-bed acute care community hospital located in Bangor, Maine. It was founded in 1947 by the Felician Sisters with a mission to support the overall wellness and healing of a patient’s mind, body, and spirit. Let me tell you, this little hospital is doing great things.

When I walk into a hospital I can almost immediately get a feel for its culture. In some hospitals, the employees avoid making eye contact with visitors. In others, they go out of their way to greet you. When I walked into St. Joe’s for the first time it felt welcoming, hospitable, friendly, and caring. As I met with employees, those feelings were affirmed. St. Joe’s is a special place and my team and I are blessed to have this opportunity to help tell its story. The chance to work with small, mission-driven community hospitals like St. Joe’s is one of the things that keeps me motivated and inspired. We should all champion small community hospitals!

I hope you’ll check out the new community health blog in the months to come as it takes shape. Remember, today is day one for this blog. I look forward to the day when we can share content that is not primarily related to the pandemic! This site has the opportunity to become a great storytelling platform where a range of meaningful information is shared with patients, family members, employees, and members of the community.

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