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14 Years of Blogging About Healthcare Marketing

In 2007, I started this blog on a few different platforms (WordPress, Blogger, and Ning). At the time, I wanted to learn more about blogging and how blogs might work for my firm’s hospital clients. Sitting here today in tumultuous 2020, the year 2007 seems like a century ago.

Even in dark times, there are bright lights. For me, my blog has been a shining light during the pandemic. It presents me with an opportunity, each day, to reach out to other healthcare marketing professionals, share my thinking on the issues we’re all facing, and hear back from them. I share each post on LinkedIn and Twitter, and those are the platforms where I get the most feedback. I also share the video posts on YouTube. Overall, the pandemic has given an extra boost of energy to my blogging and overall content production.

Today, I want to take a moment away from the serious issues of the day and thank those of you who occasionally visit this blog and share the content. Since 2007, my blog posts have been shared from the WordPress platform more than 15,000 times. That doesn’t count every share of the content on LinkedIn or video shares.

About a month ago, my blog reached the half-million visits milestone. That’s 500,000 visits. Many of those come from diehard subscribers to the blog. On average, each post receives about 300 views. Some more, some less. In all, I’ve written 1,700 posts for the Healthcare Marketer Blog. That equates to 10 posts per month over 14 years.

Once again, thanks for following my blog. Starting this blog and maintaining it over the years has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m grateful for the opportunity.

3 comments on “14 Years of Blogging About Healthcare Marketing

  1. writergirl2013

    Your blog is one of our favorites. Thank you for sharing your talent with other healthcare marketers. We always look forward to your blog in our inbox!

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