Small Maine Hospital Lights the Bat-Signal; Urgent Plea for PPE Supplies

A small community hospital in Bangor, Maine, St. Joseph Healthcare, can see the writing on the wall. Their PPE supplies are being depleted despite conservation efforts. With that in mind, the marketing team has been using social media to reach out to businesses, media outlets, and residents in their community to solicit PPE donations. The highlight of this effort was a Bat-Signal graphic that projected an image of an N95 respirator in the sky! It was accompanied by an urgent plea for PPE supplies! Check out the graphic below. Amy Jose did the work on the graphics. My team developed the concept. Kelly David and her team at St. Joseph Healthcare were the inspiration for the concept.

The original Facebook post with the Bat-Signal graphic has been shared 545 times to date. Those are shares! There were also 32 comments and offers of help. The graphic/post led to four media companies immediately contacting St. Joseph Healthcare for interviews. It has also been widely shared on Twitter.

Here’s an example of some of the press coverage that St. Joseph Healthcare garnered as a result of their marketing efforts.

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