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Is There Passion Behind Your Brand?

Last week, as my team and I discussed brand strategy with one of our healthcare clients and its board of directors, I found myself reflecting on the value of the brand manifesto – and our client’s immediate need for a clear and powerful articulation of the brand. About two years ago, I wrote a post about the brand manifesto; we sometimes call it a brand promise document.  We often develop manifestos to support a brand relaunch or repositioning. It is a succinct document that serves as a clear and public declaration of purpose and intent. Ideally, the manifesto is a narrative that fits on one page. It could be posted on your website as a PDF for download, shared with current employees, used in the recruitment process and reviewed during new employee orientation.

The brand manifesto is a powerful expression of purpose and shared values – something many organizations do not have. For internal audiences, it’s a narrative that inspires a sense of belonging and being part of something bigger, something meaningful, something that matters. When done right, a manifesto will inspire community members, volunteers, donors, employees and should help attract future talent. The manifesto should certainly help constituents of the brand articulate the ‘why.’ What gets us out of bed every day? What’s our big idea? Our shared purpose? What do we want to rally people behind? What’s our plan for a better world? What’s wrong with the status quo? What do we want to change? What do we want to disrupt? Anyone unclear of the organization’s reason for being need only refer to the manifesto.

Check out this short video I created on the subject of the brand manifesto.

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