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Improve Your Leadership Skills with NESHCo’s Evolving Leaders Program

Two years ago, the New England Society for Healthcare Communication (NESHCo), launched its Emerging Leaders Program. As a board member, I take a huge amount of pride in this leadership program. As we traveled through the first year of the program, we realized that the curriculum is of value to current leaders as well as those aspiring to take on leadership roles in their organizations. So, we rebranded the program and it is now called the Evolving Leaders Program. This year, we are proud to once again offer this comprehensive program for individuals looking to grow and develop their skills as leaders.

In this six-session program (four in-person, two online), healthcare communication professionals looking to develop their leadership skills will gain critical insights from leaders in their profession, learn about their individual strengths, and discover how their traits fit into the constellations of skills needed of leaders in our profession. I was fortunate last year to serve as a mentor for two of the individuals going through the program. It was an amazing experience.

What you’ll learn and insights you’ll gather by participating in the program:

  • Your individual leadership strengths
  • How your strengths match up with identified must-have talents of today’s healthcare communications leaders
  • How your career path compares to those of well-established leaders in our profession
  • Critical skills for organizing, building, and leading a team while maintaining a positive culture
  • How to rely on your own strengths and values
  • What your own experience and the experiences of others can teach you about your leadership vision
  • Insights from a professional career coach about your own career arc

Online applications will be accepted between Monday, February 10, 2020, and Friday, March 20, 2020, and will require a letter detailing his or her current position, intentions and reasons for contemplating a transition to leadership, and what the candidate hopes to gain from the class. Participants must commit to attending the six sessions, four in-person, and two web-based, and completing the work as assigned between sessions. The application must include a letter of recommendation from a health care leader, sharing insights as to the leadership potential and fitness of the candidate for the program.

For more information or to enroll, use this link: https://neshco.org/evolving-leaders.

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