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If you haven’t already read the press release, then I’ve got some news to share. I’m excited to announce that Jared Johnson (@jaredpiano) and I will co-chair the provider marketing track for the 7th annual Healthcare and IT and Marketing Conference (HITMC20) focused on healthcare B2B and B2C (Hospital and Medical Practice) marketing. HITMC20 is an event focused on professionals at healthcare providers, health IT companies as well as agencies who market to doctors, practice managers, hospital executives, and consumers. Jared and I will develop the marketing track for provider organizations.

If you don’t know Jared, and I can’t imagine that is possible, he is a healthcare marketing consultant, podcaster, and keynote speaker. He builds innovative healthcare brands through digital strategy and engaging content that turns heads. Jared has developed digital strategies for some of the top healthcare and medtech organizations in the country, including St. Jude Medical, W. L. Gore, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. In short, he’s a rock star. Together, Jared and I look forward to expanding the provider marketing track at this year’s HITMC20 Conference.

HITMC20 will take place on May 12-14, 2020 in Las Vegas, NV. Over the 3 days of the conference, attendees will have an opportunity to learn the latest best practices and strategies in content marketing, marketing automation, event marketing, healthcare Public Relations, branding, media relations, and much more. Plus, attendees will get to network with hundreds of their peers from around the country. Jared and I hope to see you there! Click here for more info.

Not Familiar with HITMC?

HITMC is first and foremost a community. Members are bound together by a passion for and a love of PR, communications and marketing in healthcare.

The central idea behind HITMC is to bring together all the smart, innovative and hard-working healthcare professionals so that we can learn from each other. We enable this by creating a culture where sharing, mutual respect and lifting each other up is the norm. This is the essence of HITMC. This is what makes HITMC special.

HITMC strives to provide amazing marketing and PR related content that helps Health IT companies and healthcare organizations stand out amidst all the noise of the industry. If you’re looking to market to hospital executives, doctors, practice managers, patients, or other healthcare professionals, you’ve come to the right place.

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