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Video Content Development: The Art of the Interview

Jason Stepanek, our director of video content development, has launched a YouTube series that provides tips for people doing in-house video production. (We call our video production company Vinegar-Based Productions. It’s a nod to the vinegar-based BBQ found in eastern North Carolina.) Jason interviewed me for his latest video segment. In the segment, I talk about the art of the interview and give a few tips of my own. In short, don’t take the interviewer for granted! Check out the segment below.

3 comments on “Video Content Development: The Art of the Interview

  1. Hi! I interview people for patient testimonial videos often. What’s your advice on giving “everyday people” a few questions ahead of time so they can prepare a bit? Currently, I don’t. The interviews and resulting videos are fine, yet I often wonder if they would be even better if the subject was more prepared. I do provide physicians with interview questions ahead of time.

    • Hi Mari,

      I don’t like giving people the questions in advance because they try to memorize answers. I like the interview to feel more organic. If anything, I’ll give them general topics or subject matter that I’d like to cover. For me, the big this is helping them to relax and forget that they are being interviewed. I want it to feel conversational. We usually start rolling cameras before I get to the serious questions and I’ll even roll into real topics before they think the cameras are turned on. We get some of our best content that way!

      • Mari Rydings

        Hi. Thanks so much for the response. You’ve provided a couple of new ideas for me to try with some upcoming projects.

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