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Speaking Tomorrow At Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Conference

At this year’s MCSMN conference, Kate Gillmer and I will be leading a session that looks at the role of the healthcare marketer in supporting population health initiatives. We will review recent case studies from Copley Hospital (Morrisville, Vermont), The Practical Playbook (Durham, North Carolina), and Renown Health (Reno, Nevada).

The Changing Healthcare Ecosystem

As we adjust to this new healthcare ecosystem that places greater emphasis on population health management, we are more convinced than ever that one of the keys to population health improvement is collaboration between healthcare organizations, community organizations, and local public health organizations. Collaboration is definitely one of the themes in our presentation.

For those of us who work for and with provider organizations, it is important to recognize that population health is not a challenge that is solved in the physician’s office. Our health is shaped by the communities in which we live, work, and play. Therefore, we’re not going to significantly impact the upstream causes of poor health – which impact the health of entire patient panels – in a clinical setting. The bulk of this work has to take place beyond the hospital’s walls. Collaborating with public health and community organizations, who are well equipped to address challenges such as food deserts, substandard housing, and unsafe neighborhoods, just makes sense.

From our perspective, marketers have a lot of value to bring to population health initiatives. If population health improvement will largely be the result of multi-sector collaborations between provider organizations, public health groups, community organizations, church groups, and payers, who better to help facilitate and promote these collaborations than marketers? We are natural community builders and we are adept at building coalitions!

We hope you will join us this Tuesday, October 22 at 10 a.m. for some varied examples of how marketers can support their organization’s population health initiatives.


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