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#HCLDR Twitter Chat & Pizza

Two of my favorite things are the healthcare leadership Twitter chat at Tuesday nights and pizza. Sometimes, when I’m lucky, I get to experience them both at the same time! That was the case last night when I was in Chicago eating deep dish pizza (they say “stuffed pizza”) at Giordano’s as I participated in the weekly #HCLDR Twitter chat. The chat was about the quest for perfection in healthcare and how the desire for perfection can get in the way of progress. As usual, it was an incredible discussion.

At the beginning of the chat when people were doing introductions, I casually mentioned in a tweet that I was tweeting live from Giordano’s.

What happened next was unexpected. An entire conversation blossomed around the best pizza places in Chicago and the best cities for pizza. It was entirely organic. I love this because it is an example of how community is formed within an online experience such as a Twitter chat. There’s a serious point here hidden beneath tons of cheese and tomato sauce: communities are built around commonalities and shared values and the #HCLDR group has definitely become a community. We all want to improve healthcare delivery and it appears that a bunch of us love pizza. We give up a portion of our Tuesday evenings to share stories, ideas, best practices, and frustrations in the hope that the conversation might stimulate action. Sometimes it is something as trivial and mundane as pizza that helps to further bond members of a community. I believe that to be the case with the folks who participate in the #HCLDR chat.

Here are some of the Tweets that ensued. I’ve tried to put them in logical order. Enjoy!

The pizza tweets continued the following day…


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