The 2019 SHSMD Conference is just a week away! Attending the SHSMD Conference is one of my favorite experiences of the year. That said, my time at SHSMD last year was significantly different from prior years. You see, one of my colleagues and I spent the majority of the conference in a windowless room shooting video interviews with SHSMD leaders and members. It was a great experience and we met some amazing people, but I didn’t get to attend sessions and network nearly as much as I usually do. (I did emerge from our room long enough to deliver a critically acclaimed presentation on “marketing’s role in the development of a culture of safety within a healthcare organization.”) This year, I am footloose and fancy-free and plan to make the most of my 2019 SHSMD experience! If you’re at the conference, please seek me out and say hello.

With this year’s conference just a few days away, I thought I’d share some of the videos that grew out of those couple of days of work in Seattle back in 2018 (and many days of editing since that time). These videos are very much the result of genuine collaboration between my team and the folks at SHSMD (thanks Mollie!). Most of the videos are well under two minutes in length! That’s important. We set out to produce three videos and ended up with far more than that.

Theme: Staying at the Forefront of Healthcare Strategy with SHSMD Connections

Theme: The Resources and Tools Available Through SHSMD Membership


Theme: Career Advancement and Your SHSMD Membership


Theme: Making the Most of Your SHSMD Membership. Make Connections. Get Involved.

Theme: Year Round Access to Professional Insights with Your SHSMD Membership

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