Pinksocks Movement

#Pinksocks Season in Healthcare Marketing

For me, spring and fall are known as “conference seasons.” There is a flurry of healthcare marketing-related conferences all clustered together from April through June and then again from September through November. Over the last couple of years, these have also become “pinksocks” seasons. You may have noticed all the photos on Twitter of people showcasing their pinksocks with black mustaches. Usually, these are photos from conferences around the country. I’m guilty of having posted a few of these myself.

People often ask me about the pinksocks movement, so while we were recording a series of videos I took a few minutes to talk about pinksocks and what it means to me. The following video is less than three minutes long and gives you my perspective on this amazing movement. Remember, this is only my perspective and this is a movement that has been embraced by thousands of people. I am not a leader in this movement, just a proud member of the pinksocks tribe! Enjoy the video.

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