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Brand Experience is Foundational

Truth #1: Brand perception is largely driven by brand experience  – whether that is your experience or the experiences that others have shared. By the way, that experience can be in person, by telephone or through digital engagement.

Truth #2: The fastest way to undermine your brand’s reputation is through your constituents having a negative brand experience.

Truth #3: If you want to improve your organization’s brand image, the most important step to take is to improve the experience of your patients, visitors, referring physicians and employees. If those people aren’t happy with your organization, your branding efforts aren’t going to go very far.

Too often healthcare organizations try to market specific service lines or boost their brand image without first addressing internal cultural challenges that tarnish the brand. My message: get your house in order before pushing out a brand promise you can’t fulfill.


1 comment on “Brand Experience is Foundational

  1. Love this! I feel employees are the most often overlooked when thinking about “marketing” – brand advocacy starts with those that come to work under the mission of your organization each and every day. If we take care of those that take care of patients then the brand perception and consumer experience metrics have a tendency to take care of themselves. Thanks for the thought leadership and reminder.

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