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The Phlebotomy Controversy

Years ago, when hospitals were first testing the waters of social media, I was helping to manage social media for a large medical center (not to be named here). We were posting on their Facebook page that they were actively looking for phlebotomists to join their team. As you may know, many phlebotomists do not have a college degree. Typically, they receive a combination of classroom training and on-the-job experience.

So, one morning, as we were reviewing comments on the Facebook page, we came across this one comment from a very concerned woman who was irate (after reading our post seeking phlebotomists) that this hospital that she trusted would consider hiring brain surgeons with no college degree. Can you imagine, brain surgeons with only a high school diploma?! My guess is that she associated “phlebotomy” with “lobotomy” and it went downhill from there; although I don’t know many surgeons performing lobotomies these days.

These are the moments that keep life interesting! I smile every time I think back to this phlebotomy controversy. If you’ve had similar experiences, please share.

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