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NESHCo Conference Speaker Proposals Due November 15, 2018

The New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) is seeking speakers for its Spring 2019 Conference to be held in Providence, Rhode Island, May 29–31, 2019. This is NESHCo’s big networking and professional development event of the year. The deadline for proposal submissions is this Thursday, November 15th. Here’s a link to submit your proposal online.

The theme for the conference is “Change Agents: Healthcare in Motion.” We’re looking to equip healthcare marketers with the tools they need to thrive in this continually changing healthcare environment. Here’s a blurb I pulled from the NESHCo website that discusses the focus of the conference.

“Healthcare is going through a major transformation. There is a continuation of mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations. Big players such as Amazon, Chase, Berkshire, CVS Health/Aetna, Apple, and others are also changing the healthcare landscape. These new entrants have the potential to completely transform the delivery of healthcare. As a result, healthcare communications as we know it will likely need to change. At this year’s NESHCo conference, we’d like to hear from those who are paying attention to these change agents.”

To send in your speaker’s proposal, click on this link.

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