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#SHSMD18 Twitter Analytics Through Tuesday, October 9, 2018

It is official. #SHSMD18 Twitter traffic has crushed #SHSMD17. Here’s a shoutout to all 344 individuals who have Tweeted using the #SHSMD18 hashtag. Anecdotally, the quality of the conversations on Twitter this year has been much richer. People aren’t just pushing out Tweets; they are having conversations.

Looking back, #SHSMD17 through Tuesday night: 6.08 million impressions and 2,231 Tweets.

This year – #SHSMD18 through Tuesday night: 10.6 million impressions and 2,662 Tweets. Although we had about 40 fewer people Tweeting in 2018, their activity and reach far exceeded the 2017 output for the same time period!

The question for me is will beat the impressions from 2016, a very good year for SHSMD Connections on Twitter. For #SHSMD16, there were a total of 12,714,401 impressions at the end of the conference. We’ve got one day to go to see if we can surpass that.

Check out more visualizations of the Twitter analytics from Symplur below. And keep Tweeting!

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