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My #SHSMD18 Pre-Conference Un-Workshop

Knowing that I would be attending the 2018 SHSMD Connections Conference in Seattle this October, I booked a pre-conference retreat in the North Cascade Mountains. Since the mid-1990s, I’ve been traveling to Stehekin, WA for much needed time alone in the mountains. I love the peace, solitude and time for reflection. When I’m in Stehekin, pretty much all I do is hike, read fiction and take in the views.

Just getting to Stehekin is an adventure. For me, it involves flying to Seattle (a 6-hour flight) and then driving east across the mountains for 3.5 hours to Chelan, Washington. I overnight in Chelan at a great resort on the lake (Campbell’s), and buy provisions for the remainder of the trip at the local Safeway grocery store. The next morning I catch a ride on the Lady of the Lake for the four-hour boat trip up lake to Stehekin.

The Community of Stehekin defies explanation. I will share that it is incredibly remote and only accessible by boat or seaplane. There are approximately 85 year-round residents. There is no cell service in Stehekin and only limited access to wifi. And there is no grocery store, so people planning a long visit bring their provisions with them from Chelan. But rather than try to put Stehekin into words, I thought I’d share some photos of the surrounding. The photos tell the story. Enjoy! I hope to see you in Seattle for #SHSD18.




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